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  • Customs-Related Information for Traveler
    The Thai Customs Department is the national frontline against the smuggling of illegal drugs and other prohibited and restricted goods. Customs has discovered large amount of illegal drugs in accompanied baggage and on passengers themselves. However, we realize that very few travelers actually violate the law, but we still need to examine the baggage and/or carry out personal search, which by law we are allowed to do so.

  • Retirement in Thailand
    Foreign retired persons whose age is over 50 years old and bring in foreign currencies into Thailand for more than 800,000 baht (approximately US$ 20,000) can apply for non-immigrant visas for the period of one year stay in Thailand

  • Visa
    The visas issued by the Thai government are based on the authority of the ministerial law, which the minister of the Interior, based on sections 5, 12 (1), and 34 (15) of the 1979 immigration act, issued and transferred the executive power to officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and immigration officers under the control of the National Police Bureau, from the date of enforcement of the 1979 immigration act to the present.

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