Sunny Phuket Island has an abundance of exceptional white sandy beaches

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Sunny Phuket Island has an abundance of exceptional white sandy beaches. The winding coastal roads along the western shore of the 540 square kilometer island offer stunning views and some of the world's finest beaches.

Today, more than 1 years has past since the infamous tsunami struck. The beaches have all been cleaned of debris and have returned to their pristine, glistening, natural condition. The water is sparking clean. The sun is shining brilliantly. On every one of the beaches, sun lounging chairs under colorful umbrellas and kiosks offering drinks. More information about Phuket | Phuket Travel Guide | Phuket Villa Rentals

Many activities and celebrations are organized.

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General Information
Phuket is located about between 7'45" and 8'15" north latitude, and from 98'15" to 98'40" east longitude on the map, and well below the latitudes of destructive tropical cyclone.
Phuket was known as Bukit, Junk Ceylon, or Muang Talang, in the variety of reason. Bukit is the name that derives in meaning from the Tamil manikram, or Crystal Mountain.
Local Food
The local food of Phuket has its own character. Even nearby provinces don’t have the same kind of dishes of food Phuket has. With so many different restaurants in Phuket

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