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Why should I use is an opportunity for web site promoters to purchase promotional listings across a wide range of search sites and directories from a single source, with a single one off payment.

How much does it cost? is currently charged only one time payment, and stay in forever, except making changes on existing pages (quote case by case).

What do you mean by forever?

Forever means, forever. As long as your business is operated. The only reason that your business would be removed from our database would be if your business was unavailable for a prolonged period. As long as your business is in our database then it will appear on all of the search sites and directories partnering with

Will I ever get a repeat charge?

No, you will never be asked for another fee to maintain your listing. The sooner you submit, the more traffic you will receive for the same single, one off fee.

But, there is other expense in condition that you require to modifying some text or image in your listing page.

Can I submit to multiple categories?

Our submission form will provide you with an opportunity to suggest the categories that you feel are most appropriate for your web site. Based upon your submission we will list your site in 1 category. This will usually be based upon your sites subject and your location.

For other categories are charged according to your submission, is currently charged by category.

Can I submit multiple pages from my site?

If your web site has substantial and diverse content, you may wish to submit more than one page. We will accept multiple submissions from the same site, each submission will require an additional fee. If you would like to submit more pages from the same site please contact us.

When will I be listed?

Your submission will normally be processed within 7 working days. Although in many cases your listing will appear even sooner. For the avoidance of doubt, working days exclude weekends and national holidays.

Is listing guaranteed?

If for any reason we can not list your site, we will contact you and will work with you until your submission is acceptable. We will not list sites that contain illegal content. Examples of illegal material include child pornography; libel; and material that specifically advocates illegal activity (such as fraud or violence).

Can I submit without paying?

We are not currently accepting non paid submissions.

How do I start?

Click here, complete a simple appointment form and our sales representative will service you.

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