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Due to Phuket is the most popular island of Thailand so its feature factor as a tropical paradise could absolutely attract all people living here.  Hence, it importantly affects Phuket has various types of jobs provided. Whilst Phuket is a small island and has different nation of population, its great opportunities window of career could be explored here as well. Particularly, all businesses involved with Hospitality Industry, IT business or Real estate business are very hottest and high growth in Phuket market nowadays.

As being famous tourist destination, there is high employment demand for foreigners.  Finding a regal good job with decent and permanent income on Phuket is possible, just take more your effort and research. Even though some works are prohibited but others are permissible to foreigners as well. Thus, for all you foreigners, kindly keep in mind there are many options available for you to start your business here as following examples:

  • Buying a business: To own and run your own business either medium or lager businesses will provide you a Non-Immigrant B visa and a work permit. This is advantage of legalized stay in Thailand as well.
  • Working in hotel: This is one alternative to obtain both work permit and stay legally in Phuket. But this occupation requires some special and significant skills or maybe working experience in related fields.
  • Being English teacher in some institutions: To acquire legal residence and work permit, teaching English is one option available to many. Although this career does not provide high salary and quite boring but at least it can support your life or lengthen period of stay.   
  • Working as Webmaster: Another one alternative occupation is working in the section of the website. All works rely on internet connection therefore it allows you to work regardless of anywhere you are. Importantly, special skill in the field is truly required for working.

Anyway, most of businesses in Phuket are operated by Foreigners as well as Thais in both chart of employer and employee.

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