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Phuket Travel Guide : Recration in Phuket : Land & Water Activities

If you are planning to travel to Phuket, you have to learn about Phuket travel information before. The useful information includes Phuket travel, Phuket tours, Phuket trips, and activities. There are plenty of things to do and see in Phuket. Whether you would like to visit Phuket for your holiday or break. We have many ideas to guide you about interesting activities during your stay.

Phuket travel General information which you should know is Phuket festival and events, climate in Phuket, and social customs. Firstly, well-known festival is Songkran festival annually held during 12-15 April, celebrating Thai New Year day by throwing water to each other etc. For climate, there are two distinct seasons in Phuket, dry and rainy seasons. Dry season is from November to May and rainy season is from June to October. So visiting Phuket during the rainy season or monsoon is unpleasant, most of the days are rainy free except for the showers in the afternoon. Besides, social customs that you discover when visiting in Thailand is People’s smile. Thailand is named “Land of smiles”. If you travel to Thailand, you will notice that people will always smile. The smile can say “Hello” or “Thank you” or shows your happiness. When people make “a wai” or greeting to you, you should smile back to them. When you come to a Thai home, you should take off your shoes before entering the house or temples. Moreover, the head is considered as the highest part of the body. Therefore, you must not do or touch the head of the Thais. This is impolite.

Phuket Tours are separated into water tours and land tours. Challenging water tours are scuba diving, sea canoeing, snorkeling, game fishing, boat charters, and whitewater rafting. For land tours, there are cycling, nightlife entertainment, golf, eco tours, rafting and elephant trekking. There are many special tour packages which are provided by a lot of tour agencies. You can suitably select to your needs and budgets.

Some tourists coming to Phuket will not miss fascinating and enjoyable activities such as bungee jumping and Go-Karts in Kathu area, mountain biking, rock climbing, Thai boxing, mini-golf, spa, fitness, shopping and sightseeing around Phuket Island.

Some like to plan Phuket Trips, for people who prefer to enjoy cruising adventures to beaches and bays. The tourist attractions nearby Phuket Island are Phang Nga bay, Phi Phi Island in Krabi or Similan Island located at the northwest of Phuket. However, relaxing and enjoying luxurious yacht or chartering a sailing yacht is also recommended.

Moreover, Phuket is one of the most renowned Thailand diving destinations. Scuba diving in Phuket is considered to be the top ten scuba destinations in the world. Phuket diving offers you a different tropical feel because of the beauty of the Andaman Sea. The benefits of abundant fantastic coral reefs, crystal clear water and colorful marine life invite you to discover underwater by day trips, live-aboard cruises or scuba diving. Besides, you should know all the information you need on live aboard diving, daytrips, dive points, dive centers, dive courses and safe environment while diving. Phuket provides lots of diving companies that give you informative instructions, equipment, training and facilities with reasonable prices. Phuket diving day trips operate all the year to local dive sites and islands. The main places of scuba diving are Similan Island in the north of Phuket, Phi Phi Island and Racha Noi Island in the south of Phuket. The best time for diving is from November to May because the water is blue, clear and calm.

28°C/86°F average warm water and spectacular marine environment support safe diving for both beginners and professional divers. You are able to rent diving equipment at low price. Also, skillful dive masters will accompany you and pay attention for weather conditions. Furthermore, foreign speaking dive masters will be provided as required.

Scuba diving live-board, the must for underwater lovers allows you to discover the best dive sites and enjoy the onboard with you fellow divers. At present, the dive boats are very specious and offer you comfortable amenities to entertain yourself during journeys to each dive spots. So, Diving in Phuket is mentioned as an extraordinary unforgettable experience.

Another amazing activity that you should not forget is Phuket yachting. Many visitors limit their holiday to the main island of Phuket and miss unforgettable experience to discover hundreds of idyllic anchorages around Phuket in the Andaman Sea. Sailing Yacht charter in Phuket is very special.

You can observe that Phuket is surrounded by many stunning wonderful uninhibited islands where you need to get there by a boat. Besides, Phuket is situated close to beautiful water of Andaman Sea and Phang Nga bay where inviting people to explore perfect fabulous scenery. Phuket has become the yachting centre in the Andaman Sea and if anyone loves the water and sailing, the easiest way to do is to charter or buy a boat. Last few years ago, the chartering need greatly increased the growth of the marina industry in Phuket. Several big Marinas, Yacht Haven Marina, Phuket Boat Lagoon Marina and Royal Phuket Marina encourage boats and yachts to anchor in the wonderful havens and stay here. Therefore, more Marina service shops are established on this island to provide sailors and boat-owners with all the required marina services, equipment, facilities, and experts to take care of their boats and technically well maintained. Consequently, lots of boat charters and yacht charter companies are opened in Phuket. The yacht and boat brokers can offer comprehensives alternatives to satisfy your individual requirements and needs including bare boats, speed boats, sailing boat, motor boat, crewed and luxurious boats. Also, you can take charter Phuket sailing yachts, fishing boats and live aboard. Normally, the boats and Phuket yachts are equipped with cooks preparing delicious meals while sailing and you can take overnight cruise as well.

For chartering a bareboat, it is for people who do not require hired skipper or crew on board. You can come with your family or friends for a week or more and be in charge of your own yacht. You can take advantage of the yacht charter service. Therefore, your supplies will be provided on board for your arrival. All bare boats will be handed over to you with full tanks of fuel and water including dive options with this kind of boat.

For crewed yachts, it is a way to get a cruising feel in chartering a yacht with a professional captain. There is no need to require a sailing experience. It is just to be pampered and enjoy yourself. It has own characteristics and soul for each boat. You should consult with crewed Phuket yacht charter for the availabilities and the itineraries. Phuket yacht charter and yacht broker can also arrange diving options with most crewed yachts. Some yachts have a permanent dive instructor on board; otherwise it is easy to organize rendezvous dives.

Many Yachts brokers provide yacht charter, boat management & insurance, and yacht services. They help owners to maintain and operate boats and yachts to get best benefits. Most of boat charter brokers give the technical back up for full shore-side support services such as crew agency, provisioning service, travel and logistics services, technical marine services, boat and yacht supplies and sourcing, boat repairs, yacht delivery. The yacht broker will assist yacht owner in all the steps of boat ownership, from the alternative of the right boat to the delivery, shipping and commissioning, to the importation and insurance. The yacht broker will propose to new owners several Yacht Management programs including the possibility to involve the vessel in Yacht Charter Operation and yacht financing. The yacht broker will also offer yacht agency service, technical marine services, boat supply, boat building, and marine insurance services.

For the Yacht Management, the ownership of a vessel should be the source of leisure, recreation and pleasure but is associated with frustration. The reason is that boats require proper management and need to be maintained with preventive procedures.

Also, the yacht broker can offer new yachts and boat sales, designed and built in Phuket. As well as boat manufacturers can be found in Phuket.

It is not difficult to enjoy your stay in cruising with Yacht charter brokers who can give you suggestions on the steps of cruises and Yacht ownership.

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