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Local food
Phuket local food
The local food of Phuket has its own character. Even nearby provinces don’t have the same kind of dishes of food Phuket has. With so many different restaurants in Phuket so we choose the list of dishes and shops below for examples.

  • Kanohm Jin Phuket : Noodles often compared to spaghetti served with a spicy curry sauce, the original made from fish. It is usually eaten as breakfast. It comes with a range of fresh vegetables and boiled eggs. And often found with the fried pastry called Pah Tong Go and the curried fish mousse called Hor Mohk, both of them are very tasty. Look for a shop that has many curries to choose from if you are sensitive to spicy cuisine course there are some of the curries that not spicy too. The most famous shops in Phuket Town from many shops: 
    - Kwan Kanohm Jin on Tungka Rd.
    - Pah Mai on statun Rd.
    - Pha Ri on Pahtiphaht Rd.
  • Lo Bah : Fried sausages served with fried tofu and spicy sweet or sour sauce. For this try in Phuket Town :
    - On The way to span Hin. 
    - On Poonphol Rd.
  • Oh Tao : Oysters fried with eggs, flour, and taro root. The best known places in Phuket Town are :
    - near the circle by the Fresh Market. 
    - At Sapam village
    - Near the Tessaban Ban Bang Niao School on Takua Tong Rd
    - On Vichit Songkram Rd., near the entrance to Soi Lorong.
  • Tao Sor or Kanohm Bia Phuket Spring rolls, Chinese crepes. Have two kinds: sweet or salty. The best known are found at: 
    - Kaeng Tin near Ruam Paet Hospital on Phuket Rd.
    - On Soi Suhn Utit, Yaowarat Rd., in Phuket Town.
    - Kuhn Mae on Thep Krasatri Rd., in the village of Sapam.
    - Mae Boon Tahm on Surin Rd., Soi 4.
  • Oh Aew A dessert made of banana-flour, and a little seaweed (from China). Look for it at:
    - On Soi Soon Utit, Yaowarat Rd.
    - On Ranong Rd., at the entrance to Soi Lorong
    - On Vichit Songkram Rd., near the entrance to Soi Lorong
  • Nam Phrik Kung Siap is a mixture of red-onion, chili and smoked shrimps taken with various fresh vegetables.
  • Cashew nuts : are widely grown in Phuket. Cashew nuts are available dried, fried or coated.
  • Pineapples : Phuket pineapples are some of the most delectable, sweet and firm.
  • Fried or Boiled Noodle Dishes usually with shrimp, pork or chicken. There are many noodle shops in the town such as Mee Ton Pho, Mi Sapam, Mi Ao Ke, Mi Hun Pa Chang, and etc.
    *Fried Noodle Dishes There are many fried-noodle shops in the town.
    - Mee Ton Poh : in Phuket Town , near the clock tower traffic circle on Phuket Rd.,.
    - Mee Sapam : in the Sapam village.
    - Mee Ao Geh : in Phuket Town on Phunphol Rd.,.
    *Yellow noodles are also cooked in both "dry" and "wet" versions, serve with prawn soup. Look for it at:
    - Mee Somjit : in Phuket Town , near the clock-tower traffic circle on Phuket Rd.
    - Mee Jirayuwat : in Phuket Town , near the Pearl Cinema on Phang-nga Rd. (the old Phuket theater–now is closed)
    *Dry Fried noodles eaten with pork bone soup called Mee Huhn Pah Chahng” For this try: (all in Phuket Town):
    - On Thanon Yaowarat.   
    - Near the Tessaban Ban Bang Niao School on Takua Tong Rd.
    - On Vichit Songkram Rd., near the entrance to Soi Lorong
    *Mee Sue Breakfast noodles served with the boiled rice dishes Khao Tohm or Johk. This can be ordered at various shops around town, but the best known in Phuket is:
    - Kou Kwan: in Phuket town near Ruampaet Hospital on Phuket Rd.
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