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c. decorative paint C. Decorative Paint
C. Decorative Paint Product Price Listing
topcoat emulsion paint for exterior
topcoat emulsion paint for interior
topcoat enamel for steel and wood
wattyl primer
contact primer
metal primer
wood primer
elastomeric coating for exterior
telecom tower paints
other decorative paint
  Thinner Price (Baht)
Solagard Low Sheen   1 US.GAL 5 US.GAL
-premium grade 100% emulsion acrylic low sheen water 1,010 5,000
-100% emulsion acrylic for wood finish.for interior & exterior water 1,010 5,000
-100% emulsion acrylic of exterior & interior water 610 3,000
-water based 100% emulsion acrylic for exterior & interior water 450 2,200
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