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Phuket architecture

Architecture in Phuket shows to the design that merges between belief and art with China, England, India, Holland and Malayu together.  The figure of buildings is prominent with two designs. They are Chinese art that can show about their belief since an ancient time. Other one is the art which blends between Western and Eastern style, called “Shino-Portuguese”

First architecture that has a rule in Phuket is Chinese architecture because almost of Chinese people were a big cluster in Phuket at that time.  Most of these people moved from the South of Hokkien province and then worked in Phuket at the flourish era of tin mine. When there were building constructions in Phuket, Chinese people often used their old believes to mix with the modern style. You can see at the top of poles, above window frames etc. so design of Chinese belief will be there also such as Nam Tao pattern, fire pearl, flower, bat and so on.

The Western architecture which is Portuguese, Holland and England had many influences on colonialism era. Colonists changed to occupy the colony and find for their advantages. A dominant feature of this architecture style is in front of the building often has a long curve hole to be a path. (Ngor Kar Khee) with 5 feet width and brought wires in Greek  period such as a horseshoes curve window frame or head pole in Yonic (Ionic) architecture and Corinthian (embellish with big leaves) etc.

Shino-Portuguese architecture is a merging between Western and Eastern cultures for example design a building in Western style but a pattern follows by Chinese belief and so on.

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