Pagoda contains Buddha’s relics, Wat Thep Nimit

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Wat Thep Nimit Travel Story

Pagoda contains Buddha’s relics, Wat Thep Nimit

Wat Thep Nimit is an old temple of Phuket. It’s located at the traffic light near Wichit sub-district administrative organization or that we call Bann Lam Chan. You can access to this temple in the same way of Wichit sub-district administrative organization office and Wat Thep Nimit School.

Accesses in the same way to Wichit sub-district administrative organization.
Wat Thep Nimit

In Wat Thep Nimit there is a school. It can transmit to Thai way. I am a Lam Chan people and I use to be a student at this school. In the monk’s days I usually make merit at this temple.

This is Wat Thep Nimit School.

Beside there is a football yard .Although it looks so old but this yard can make you fun.

Football yard in front of the school

On March, 2005 I have known some news from Dharma reporter of village. That is Wat Thep Nimit will build chedi for contain Buddha’s relics. So they will held this ceremony and contain Buddha’s relic’s ceremony on Friday 1st April, 2005. I might to respect Buddha’s relics.

Buddha’s relics

When the time goes by I forgot it. Because I’m so busy. Finally, I have respected Buddha’s relics.

When I finished all of my work. I reach the temple almost 12.00 pm. Some of Buddhists eat at temple’s cafeteria. Some help to build chedi enthusiastically.

First thing that I do is to go to donate booth and here they have many sacrifices. There is gold plate, copper alloy, silver and nine-gem or mirror. You can choose that you want. And you can pay money depend on your faithful.

How can you offer the sacrifices? Write your name, surname, and birthday in the blank and then offer to the monk for build chedi continued. And nine gems don’t write anything. But they will offer to monk for put it into chedi. It means to wealth and advance.

You will write all names in your family and pray to the things that you want. Don’t forget to write with blue pen. They have a trick that blue color in Thai language read in the same way with “money” word. It means to wealth. Making merit by the mirror it refers to the mirror will reflect only the good things as same as that we have written.

When finished from donation. Take these things to worship Buddha’s relics at white tent. This tent is belonging to the chains of Kata beach.

Buddha’s relics booth for temporary worship

Outside there are many people helped to build chedi and decorated. Near the chedi there is the Buddha in meditation name Pra Tan Jai.

Both of monks and people help to build chedi.
Although it’s very hot but none feels hot.
Pra Tan Jai
Cement department
If the chedi is finished we will keep some photos to you.

Two weeks ago…

The white chedi is finished already.
Mould design

Other sides of the Buddhist chapel.

This corner that I proud to present
A part of the Buddhist chapel.
A Buddhist posture stands in front of the Buddhist chapel.
King of Nagas in front of the stairs.

There are many garbage pails that are divided into any types of garbage in the school. So it’s good for students because they will know how to keep cleaning? And they can make their school are liveable.

Keep clean make you feel fresh.

Wat Tepnimit Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Camera for excellent pictures
  • Dress politely
  • Pure and peaceful mind
Most favorite:
  • Pay respects to the holy thing and pray for blessing
  • Before you reach a temple you have to pass a school. If it’s not holiday please beware the children.

by: Torquoise

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