Wat Suwankiriket ( Wat Karon )

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Wat Suwankiriket ( Wat Karon ) Travel Story

Wat Suwankiriket ( Wat Karon )

Wat Suwankiriket or Wat Karon(call by place). It declared to the temple on 21st May, 1895. Wat Suwankiriket is located on 77/4 M.1, Karon, Muang Phuket. It’s far from Phuket town 18 kilometers. There are 9 Rais 2 Ngans and temple’s land for 6 fields.

Wat Suwamkiriket or Wat Karon

There are many ways to access Wat Suwankiriket such as Patong beach, Rawai beach, Chalong intersection or by boat. By boat you can take a boat at Karon beach. Wat Karon is situated at the curve of Karon rd.-Patak rd. near the Wat Suwankiriket School.

You can respect at Wat Karon for your lucky. The atmosphere inside this temple is so wide and shading. Not yet, you can see a new Buddhist chapel / Main chapel. It looks so beautiful and there are two king of Nagas embrace the Buddhist chapel. It might be refer to protect from wickedness by two kings of Nagas.

A graceful Buddhist chapel
The king of Nagas

The Buddhist chapel designed in Thai style. All of doors and windows, they are sculptured follow the biography of Lord Buddha or the ten incarnations of the Buddha.

The sculptured at the Buddhist chapel's doors.
The sculptured at the windows follow the ten incarnations of the Buddha.

Interior the Buddhist chapel is so windy. The wall that that above a principle Buddha image is a drawing of the gods meeting and the blessing gods. Behind the wall is a drawing to the biography of Lord Buddha when he meets his enemy and the God of Earth squeeze her bun to quell evils.

A principle Buddha image and a drawing
A biography of Lord Buddha’s drawing

Little ubosot is situated at the access to this temple, in front and deviate from main ubosot.

Ubosot (Thai church)

In front of the door there are two giants stand for guard the door. Inside the little ubosot there is a black of Buddha image.

The two giants are guarding the door.
A black Buddha image.

Wat Suwankiriket Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Camera for excellent pictures
  • Dress politely
  • Pure and peaceful mind
Most favorite:
  • Pay respects to the holy things
  • If the door monastery is closed you can tell to the monk to open.

by: Torquoise

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