Phra Nang Sang Temple is located just before Thalang intersection near Baan Ta-Kien.

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Wat Phra Nang Sang Travel Story
Phra Nang Sang Temple

Phra Nang Sang Temple is located just before Thalang intersection near Baan Ta-Kien. It is opposite the entrance of Khao Pra Taew Wildlife Conservation Centre. It is said that this old temple was built just after the Nine Troops War during the period of the two heroines of Phuket (Tao-Tepkasadtree and Tao-Srisunthorn). Although others say it was built in the period of Pranang-Leud-Khaow (white blood princess).


For me, it is the temple that my family is most familiar with as we visit on every special occasion such as New Years Day, Songkran, etc. This year my family has also come here for the anniversary of my grandparent's death. So I have a chance to take a walk around the temple again. Somehow, the circumstances of the temple have changed too much.

The antique church at Phra Nang Sang Temple

Many new constructions replace an area of pleasant trees excluding the church that the Fine Arts Department looks after. There is a new church also; it looks very elegant and enormous. Historical paintings and murals including the drawing of beauty queens of each day of the week are shown inside.

Hmm…Have you ever heard stories about this temple? Such as Pranang-Leud-Khaow's history or the treasure map of Thalang? Let me tell you briefly. Pranang-Leud-Khaow was princess of a town on the mainland. She was framed and judged as guilty of a serious matter and sentenced to execution. Before her execution she asked permission for pilgrimage time. When she traveled to Phuket, she decided to build Pranang-Sang temple to promote and allow Buddhism to continue. Once she was executed, her blood became white which proved her pureness and innocence.

The principle Buddha image in a temple
with red lip
This is Buddha image discovered inside the principle Buddha image's belly
The small Buddha images from humorous builder

The picture of the new church
Historical murals describes about many important events in the past

This is a picture I take a photo before back home.

For the treasure map of Thalang, someone said this treasure belonged to the Thalang governor. Another said it was surplus money from the building of the temple of Pranang-Lead-Khaow . The answer is hidden for the time and yet to be discovered by the right person. Our time is over now. See you next trip. Bye!!

Wat Pra Nang Sang Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Camera for excellent pictures
  • Dress politely
  • Pure mind
Most favorite:
  • Old monastery

by: Torquoise

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