Koh Sirey Temple located near Koh Sirey School

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Wat Koh Sirey Travel Story
Koh Sirey Temple

After lunch, we drive around Phuket Town past the Krung-Thai Bank. We glance up at the roof of a church which stands prominently on the hill in front of us. It seems not too far away from here. Hmm…Let me think what that place could be. I see! It must be Koh Sirey Temple located near Koh Sirey School . So let's go to visit Koh Sirey Temple now!

The entrance of the temple is at the side of Koh Sirey School. It is pretty high and steep. Just a minute while we find a space to park the car. We begin our walk and enjoy the scenery of Phuket Island as it becomes evident below us. Soon I forget my exhaustion. Though this hill is not too high there are still pleasant views, particularly to the sea on the east coast. We can see the fish pier and Leam Tuk-Kea. Leam Tuk-Kea is the residence of Sea Gypsies or Chao-ley. These Sea Gypsies bring various kinds of fresh marine products such as shrimp, shellfish, crab, fish, shells and pearls to sell at cheap prices.

Many Buddha image are established along the pavement
Another side is Buddha image and bronze statue of Keji-Ajarn that contain the ashes of the dead inside.
Over there is the roof of the church

Suddenly, I see a grand tree with a crowd of people under the tree. What are they doing? One person is scrubbing and another is coating powder on the tree. Ahh! I see! They are finding out winning lotto numbers. After coating the tree with powder they believe that they will receive a sign and the lotto numbers will appear. At the left side of the tree is the entrance gate to the church. We are approximately 100 steps before being there. Both sides of the stairway are decorated with Emerald King of Nagas. The temple also provides many stops along the way where there are bells (for ringing).

View from the hill top
This picture is the area around fish pier
Sea Gypsies Village

After a reasonable climb, we arrive at the hilltop. There is a very nice atmosphere here.

Many stop points with bell (for punch) are provided during the way

Look around! We can see the principle Buddha image that rests in a state of sleep (The Buddha image of Tuesday). This is the biggest one I have ever seen.

The principle Buddha image
which rest in a state of sleep

Later, we pay homage to the Principle Buddha image inside the church. Then, we take a walk around the church. I see Buddha images at every corner outside the church. I have not forgotten to take photos for you all. Hope you enjoy it!

The peaceful of life could be discover here

Wat Koh Sirey Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Dress politely
  • Peaceful mind
  • Camera for excellent pictures
Most favorite:
  • A big and elegant Resting Buddha Image.
  • A beautiful view of the yard in front of the biggest Buddha image.
  • Drive with carefully cause of a steep road.

by: Torquoise

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