Cherng Talay temple could be an interesting alternative.

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Wat Cherng Talay Travel Story
Cherng Talay Temple

Today I will take you to Cherng Talay temple but I have to apologize to you first for the lack of information about its background. Anyway, I promise that I will research further information and let you know soon.

The exterior
The front of Buddhist temple
The back of Buddhist temple
From this viewpoint, we can see how large of the temple

Looking at the temple from outside it is quite huge. Getting to the entrance gate, we see a clearer view of this large Buddhist temple. It is decorated exactly like all Buddhist temples in Thailand yet shows the uniqueness of Buddhism through the elegant and colourful designs around it.

This mural describes about the biography of Lord Buddha at Cherng Talay Temple
These pictures shows events which occurred in Phuket in the past

After taking a photo from outside, we go inside the temple itself to look around. There are murals depicting the life of Lord Buddha like other temples. It makes me think that maybe the artist is the same person who creates the murals for all temples in Phuket such as Pranang-Sang temple. It is an interesting point to notice. Maybe you can make a comparison and judge for yourself. The other interior designs are marvelous; particularly the ceiling of this temple.

The elegance ceiling
The principle Buddha image
Murals on the walls
This is another splendid point of Buddhist temple

So, if you have time and you are looking for a tranquil place to visit, Cherng Talay temple could be an interesting alternative. Finding your way here is easy. Drive to the Two Heroines Monument from Phuket town on Thepkassatri Road and turn left toward Surin Beach . It is approximately 10 minutes drive from the monument and is on the right just before you reach Cherng Talay village.

King of Nagas established in front of Buddhist temple

Wat Cherng Talay Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Camera for excellent pictures
  • Dress politely
  • Pure mind
Most favorite:
  • Elegant wall paintings

by: Torquoise

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