Up Town noodles

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Up Town noodles Travel Story

Up Town noodles


Khun Lek, she is an owner at Up Town noodles. At past time it situated on the 1st floor at Ocean Time Square shopping mall. She opened 7 years. Her life has changed because the mall closed for an improvement.

She is a working woman. So she has opened the noodles restaurant. She was not seriously to do that. So she’s waiting for a year when the shopping mall will be finish. By coincidence a new noodles restaurant so sell out. And then she had expanded from 7 tables to about 20 tables.


She is Khun Lek, the owner

Noodles equipments


Inside the restaurant

The customers like good services and attention to them. And the savor is so delicious. Khun Lek adds more menus. It’s not only Kuay Tiew Tom Yum with pork’s innards in Singburi style. (Spicy noodles) or Suki Haeng (dried noodles)


Phad Thai Hor Khai
(noodles wrap with eggs)

Khao Kluk Kapi
(rice blend with shrimp paste)

Beside, there are noodles wrap with eggs or try to taste rice dishes. Such as Khao Moo Ob (rice with roasted pork), rice with roasted chicken in Japanese sauce or rice blend with shrimp paste etc.

Straw noodles

Noodles with fish dumplings

The recommend menus are straw noodles and noodles with fish dumplings. They are new menus from Up Town noodles. After that Khun Lek give me a cup of fresh coffee.

Suki (a kind of Japanese dish)

Up Town noodles is located at the corner of Thavorn Grand Plaza’s intersection. If you cannot come here by yourself, you can ask Phuketian “where is it?”


Fried rice with chili paste

Rice with roasted pork

Spicy noodles with pork’s innards

The symbol of cleaning from
Ministry of Public Health


by: Torquoise

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