Thao Thep Krasatri and Thao Sri Soonthorn, The two heroines of Phuket

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Thao Thep Krasatri and Thao Sri Soonthorn Travel Story
Thao Thep Krasatri and Thao Sri Soonthorn


Thao Thep Krasatri, and Thao Sri Soonthorn at Wat Muang


Lady Jan was the first child among five children of Jom Rang Baan Kien and Mrs. Ma Siia . Lady Jan was beautiful, generous and courage's; therefore, she was well loved and adored by her parents arranged a marriage with Mom Pakdibhuthorn, her first husband. Lady Jan had 2 children: Miss Prang and Mr. Thien . After Mr. Thien 's birth, Mom Pakdibhuthorn was passed away. Lady Jan married again with Phraya Pimon-Aya (Khan) who later becomes Phraya Surintharacha Pi-Aya (Khan). She had another 2 children. When her parents were old, Lady Jan took care of her family business in Thalang.

Like her elder sister, Lady Mook , the second child of the family is smart, courageous and adorable. But there was no evidence with whom she married.

After their father, Jom Rang Baan Kien died. Phraya Surintharacha Pimon-Aya (Khan) took the position of the governor of Thalang. Lady Jan , his wife was appointed as an assistant to the Governor (commonly know as Mae Muang ). Thalang town was peacefully governed. After Phraya Surintharacha Pimon-Aya (Khan) died. King Rama I ordered to put Lady in jail at Pak Phra camp for being accused as her husband's indebtedness to the country.

Thao Thep Krasatri, and Thao Sri Soonthorn Monument

During that time, Burma had king Pudong of Ang Wa as a king. In 1785 Burma prepares a troop of 144,000 solders targeting to Siam in their pursuit of boundary expansion. King Padung and his mighty army defeated Raman , Thai Yai, Maneepura, and Ya Kai. The war was known as 9 troops. Burmese troops also defeated Pak Phra camp. Lady Jan, a prisoner of Pak pra camp escaped to Baan Mai Khao, Baan Saku, Baan Kien and Thalang Town. Yee-wun, a Burmese commander-in-chief, led a troop along the west coast defeating Siam primary town: Kraburi, Takuapa, and Takuatung. Thalang was their ultimate target.

Burmese troops invaded Thalang. It was such a bad time since a governor died and all the people were in despaired. Fortunately, Thalang has Lady Jan and Lady Mook who were a gist of Thalang people. They gathered villagers from Baan Saku,Baan Nai Yang, Baan Mai Khao, Baan Kanan, Baan Lipon, and Baan Raing, and organized a defense at Wat Pranang Sang to protect Thalang from invasion.

Wat Pranang Sang

Burmese troops build a camp at Khok Chana Pama and prepare for assault Thalang. Lady Jan , Lady Mook and Department of Town Planning set a camp and cannons to counterattack the Burmese troops. The plan was to slow the troops down and to shorten their foods supplies as much as possible, in order to lure the Burmese troops. Thai woman were dressed in solder uniforms withtin-toated sward made from coral wood. This was purposely to set a scene pretending Thalang had more soldiers' fillings in a camp during the might.

The war took about 1 month. Burmese troops were fatigue while foods were short of supplies. In addition, Thalang people used potassium nitrate and firearms to counterattack the Burmese troops. At last, a coral tree at the Burmese camp was cannoned down. The Burmese troops were timid and finally retreated on Monday March 13, 1785 , which was later call Thalang glorious day.

King Rama I bestowed nobel titles upon Lady Jan, Thao Thep Krasatri, and Lady Mook, Thao Sri Soonthorn.

After the war was over, King Rama I heard Lady Jan and Lady Mook 's courage in defending Thalang town. King Rama I bestowed nobel titles upon Lady Jan, Thao Thep Krasatri, and Lady Mook, Thao Sri Soonthorn. The two heroines rued Thalang town, and Thalang become peaceful ever since.


by: Torquoise

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