Today let's revisit the Phuket of the old days with the Old Phuket Town Festival

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Old Phuket Town Festival Travel Story
Old Phuket Town Festival

Good day all you guys! Today let's revisit the Phuket of the old days with the Old Phuket Town Festival. You know, this festival is set up at the beginning of every year under the theme of “ walking street festival ”. All the roads throughout the Thalang Road area are blocked off from transportation. People and organizations set up their booths and a wide range of entertainment, food and products are on offer.

This road is for us today! Any vehicle cannot enter!

At first I thought I should leave my home around three o'clock in the afternoon but today the weather is a bit warm so I change my mind and arrive at five-thirty instead. I finally find a car park near the Office of Commercial Affairs and upon arriving, a crowd begins to move into Thalang Road .

The comfortable car park is available behind Chaleamprakiet Park

Inside the festival I see a variety of shows performed by artists and students from different institutions. Adults and children can participate in the show and there are seats available in front of the stage. The stage is decorated in an antique Chino-Portuguese style.

The stage with antique Chino-Portuguese Building style

The first booth I see is a very interesting one. It is a floating boat that looks like a duck's bottom and is free of charge! I keep walking till I see many local food shops serving a great range of fresh food, for example, Ao-Aew, Ah-Pong, Kanom Jee Joe, Kee-Jang, Kiem-Koy, Pra-Nam,etc. Wow! How great the delicious food festival is!


Hey! What is something new there

The signboard is indicated that "Let's try free floating the boat here"

This is one attractive soft adventure of this festival


Are these delicious foods for sale or for free? Why many people are crowded continually

I think the most impressive booth is the sticky sugar stall made in the shape of an animal. It remains me of my childhood. If you have some special function and want to lighten up your party, you can call to 076-282315 (This is our free of charge advertising support). In addition, I found some products made by students and then some Phuketien old-fashioned costumes worn by freelance artists (mostly teenagers) which add another layer of colour to this festival.

Oh! How cute the white monkey is!

It is delicate and skilled craft

Hand made products from students

These are charming dolls named Taksina Barbie

Behind the scene of dolls' beauty


Oh yes! Forming a band is the creative way for your free time.

This corner is for person who is interested in the old-fashioned motorcycle

Loba is very delicious local dish of Phuketien
The tally shape ice-cream with the old making process

This is bar ice-cream called soapy ice-cream

This is tasty flour fried with high quality taro served with fresh bean sprouts


This is fried golden brown sweet flour with crispy edge


Yah-Yah is dressing style in traditional costume of Phuketien

This is slashing Para rubber show

Dressing of wedding couple in the old days
Lion and smiley joker show

The atmosphere inside festival at night

It is time to say goodbye now. I hope you enjoyed our trip today and let's do it again next year.

Old Phuket Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Camera for excellent pictures
  • Plan for parking
Most favorite:
  • There are a lot of local Phuket products and local food.
  • A lot of people especially at night please carefully for bandit.

by: Torquoise

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