Thalang National Museum is situated on Pa Khlok Road

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Thalang National Museum Travel Story
Thalang National Museum

Thalang National Museum is situated on Pa Khlok Road, to the east of the Two Heroines Monument. This museum gives an insight into Phuket's colorful history.

Antiques ornamentations, glass beads, stones and crystals


The map describes about landscape and hydrogeology

All colorful maps with fine details is expressed to all visitors

Phuket's national museum contains numerous artifacts, and an exhibition depicting the famous battle of Thalang showing the part played by two sisters, Kuhnying Jan (or Thao Thep Kasatri) and Kuhnying Mook (or Thao Sri Suntorn), who succeeded in repulsing the attacking Burmese army.


These are some of swords and spears exhibited within the museum

This is stone inscription on Pra-Narai Mountain, ancient town of Takua-Pa which presently is Kapong district in Phang-Nga. It is stated about pond digging on Pra-Narai Mountain in the old days

The clayed votive tablet in the Sri-Wichai Art style

There are also artifacts depicting details of early, everyday life on the island and cultural aspects of the "Sea Gypsies". Also displayed are valuable pictures of historical events of Phuket including exhibits about tin mining history and the island's Chinese heritage.

The Thalang Museum offers a range of learning experiences for everyone, whatever your age or level or interest. Visitors can study Phuket's history illustrated by description boards consisting of artifacts and pictures.

The atmosphere of the old coffee café in Phuket

This is the imitated model of Baan-Lad (owned to Tantawanich family). Downstairs is office and upstairs is for residence purpose

Photographs are hung on the wall as interior decoration

This is the old-fashioned Tiffin carrier called Sear-Na

The betel-contained tray and ornamentation box
The old-fashioned iron (use charcoals as fuel)
The basin with golden drop design

Open daily except national holidays from
8.30am - 4 pm

Tel: 076 311025, 076 311426

Admission Fee: Adults and children THB30.

The equipment for slashing Para rubber and flatten rubber sheet machine

Thalang museum Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Learn more about Phuket description cursorily
Most favorite:
  • Wares and detail of Phuket
  • Some display rooms are quite hot.

by: Torquoise

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