The Prantalay Seafood, located at “Palai village”

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Prantalay Seafood Travel Story
Prantalay Seafood

After we worked so hard for six days, we wanted to rest and have lunch at the other place. So lucky, our mother told us she was too lazy to cook lunch for “old her basils” We voted to go to have lunch at seaside seafood restaurant. We chose The Prantalay Seafood, located at “Palai village” The word “Palai” comes from Thai word; Pa means forest and Hock Kien (Chinese dialect which is Bhuketians’ second language ) word, Lai means inside, so “Palai” means in the forest. Because of the Chinese’ s village, it has The Shrine of Kuan-wu (a brave and faithful soldier in the Chinese story “The Three Kingdoms” ) in Palai village. The most of People respect him so much.

By at noon , Daddy drove our old car to Palai Village . Even though the sky was blue plus the weather was hot. Unlucky, the car’s air-condition was hot and I sat on the back seat of the car. Not seriously, I thought we joined the government campaign; “Save Energy for better life”

A beautiful horn buffalo

From Phuket downtown, Daddy drove car along the highway, Phuket-Rawai, by a half an hour. Before arriving Palai Junction which, Located on the left, you have to pass Baan Na-bon School which located on the right. At the Palai junction (three junctions) it has traffic-light and the big crocodile sculpture (the symbol of Phuket zoo). We turned left, passing Phuket zoo not more than 5 minutes, then we see the little junction. At this area, there are many seafood restaurants. Today we chose Prantalay Seafood Restaurant; you can mark the picture of shark which is the brand of the restaurant.


Fresh seafood

On the opposite of the restaurant, it was a big rice field the villager told me that there were many fields and vegetable gardens in this area since 30-40 years ago. But now, farmers don’t plant paddy. They work as the worker in hotel or change to be shrimp farmers. So it has a little rice fields in this area, even though in Phuket, it's different from the past. This is the big problem in Thailand ; it’s the outcome of developing country. Is it good or bad? I don’t know. So stirring scene, I saw a few buffaloes in that field. One of them has beautiful horn (See picture ).

There are many fish shrimp and crab ponds in Prantalay. The customer can choose the live fish, shrimp or crab to cook food.

Rain protection area


Terrific seaview restaurant

Relax atmosphere

I misunderstood that the restaurant feeds these fish, shrimp and crab. Afterward, I knew those fish, shrimp and crab have been come from a nearby floating basket for keeping live fish, shrimp and crab
in water.

Hand washing place

Steamed local shells
Squids grilled
Deep fried fish served with soup in hot pot
Fried prawns with tamarind juice
Steamed craps

Inside restaurant, you will get comfortable atmosphere, you can choose indoor seat or out door seat. I would like you to try the out door seat, you are going to closely contact seaside atmosphere. I think the food is delicious taste and the good atmosphere is the significant factor. I hope you will get the good thing in Prantalay Seafood.

by: Torquoise

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