Patong Beach

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Patong Beach Travel Story

Patong Beach


Patong beach is very beautiful. The sky at here is so clear. My friends liked here so much, so they rushed to go to the beach for touching the fresh air. Apart from its white and beautiful beach, Patong beach also has aquatic sport to service you.

Today, my friends would arrive in Phuket. I thought I would take them to Patong beach.

Anyone wants to drive the car to travel Patong beach by yourself, you must be sure you can drive up the hill. You must be careful because the way to the beach is dangerous.
When it rains, the street is so slippery. You should be careful moreover. I was not good at driver, so I had to be more careful than the other. During the way to the beach, you will see the shrine.You should honk a horn for your good luck and show your respect for him. Most people usually act like this. Finally, we could reach the beach safely.

ทะเลสวยมาก มีที่นอนเรียงราย เต็มชายหาด (ที่นอนให้เช่านะจ๊ะ)

We drove around the beach for sightseeing and looking for the parking. We drove along the way which Avantika Hotel is located. We parked our car between The Royal Palm Resortel and Baan Mailai Beach Resort. We had to pay the rent for parking too. The staff who collected the rent is kind. He told me that if we park for a while, he would charge the rent cheaper. We thought that we may park for a long time, so we paid full price.

Jet Ski is the first choice for the adventurer.
Parachute is interesting sport but I do not dare to play it.

Today, the sea was very beautiful and the sky was so clear. My friends rushed to take a walk along the beach. Although the weather was hot and sunny, no one grumbled.
There are a lot of aquatic sport to service you such as Jet Ski, Banana boat, parachute and sailing boat. You can choose as you like. The official will separate the area of the playing sport from the area of the swimming. Since if no separation, swimmers will get hurt. Many buoys are used to separate both of areas.

The area where buoys floats jet skis and boats are not allowed to go.

There are many shops to service you. We liked shopping very much, so we would not absolutely miss it. Unfortunately, some shops did not open because these shops would open on the evening. Though the atmosphere would be not as alive as the evening, it seemed full of life. Unluckily, we did not have chance to see the beach’s nighttime.
If I drove better, I would come back here again to see the nightlife and click photoes to show you.

Some shops open from the morning.
There are many shops at here.

Patong beach is perfect tourist attraction. This is because there are efficient and comfortable accommodations, shops and entertaining places at here. There are goods to service you such as cloths, shoes, bags, ornaments, and furniture. The beach is the center of the hospitality industry. In the nighttime, there are many shows such as a-go-gos, Muay Thai Boxing and so on.

You can go to Patong beach by bus. The bus station is located in front of the food and vegetable market in Phuket Town. Tuk-Tuk and car rent can take you to Patong beach also.

There are a lot of Tuk-Tuk to service you.

We were so tired, so we decided to go to the beach to eat Somtam (Papaya Salad). After finishing eating, we come back home. I promise if I have chance to come back here again, I will take photos to show you.   

Relaxing by sightseeing the good atmosphere of the beach.
You can see Long Tail Boat at here.
The atmosphere of Patong Beach

Patong Beach Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Camera for excellent pictures
  • Should go in the evening for great atmosphere
Most favorite:
  • A long beach and clean water
  • Alive town in the night time
  • Hardly to find car parking but there are some if you drive slowly.

by: Torquoise

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