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Natural Restaurant Travel Story
Natural Restaurant


Today, I have an appointment with my friends after I finish work in the evening. Because we don't have a lot of time to waste and we all live close to Phuket Town , we choose wisely and decide to meet at the Natural Restaurant on Phutorn Road . The restaurant was established 12 years ago and I used to come here when I was a student. Another reason why we are meeting here is that we want to see how much it has changed.

My friend Kook and I arrive before our appointed time. We choose a table at the corner then order orange juice and cashew nuts as an appetizer while waiting for the others. In my opinion, I think nothing has really changed and the atmosphere, both interior and exterior is the same as the past. Also like before, the place is packed. Maybe it's because of the outstanding and creative interior design around a botanical garden theme. Its atmosphere is very pleasing to all customers, especially foreigners.

Ten minutes later, all members of our team arrive at the table. Then, we start to order the first dishes; spicy, creamy curry with roast duck which is a popular dish here. We follow this up with spicy seafood salad and fried fish patties.


Relax with the artificial waterfall

This is the tranquil corner within the restaurant


The chic glass of orange juice

What taste! What flavour! Delicious foods satisfying the most severe of hunger pangs! All food disappears within a few minutes. We are so full that we can't talk much. So, we shift our attention to observe other customers in the restaurant instead.


The trendy washbasin

Crystal ball was used as the float in the old days

We notice there is a big group of foreigners sitting nearby our table. After some conversation, we learn they are professors from a university in The United States who are having a holiday and relaxing in Thailand . They ask us to take some photos for them and send them by email later. We also see another group of foreigners. They are sitting at a far corner of the restaurant. They seem like a nice family so we take a photo for them as well.

Table setting style of Natural Restaurant

Its atmosphere

However, none of us want to go home yet because we have not met for a long time and we still have some time left so we decide that should go somewhere else before heading home.

Bon appetite!

A group of professors from America

How very warmth and nice family is!

We vote to go for a walk at Sapan-Hin because there is a fruit festival there. Maybe we can buy some fresh fruit for my parents. After visiting the festival, it starts getting very cloudy so let's go before it rains.

by: Torquoise

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