The Sun set at Lam Promthep ( The Promthep Cape )

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Lam Promthep (The Promthep Cape) Travel Story
The Sun set at Lam Promthep (The Promthep Cape)


The weather was clear after it had rained for a week.
We decided to go to see the sun set at Lam Promthep, but I can't remember the last time I went there. Does not matter! The past is our experience. The future is the next. The present time is the best and we have to realize it.

This trip's objective is to take photographs the beautiful view for our lovely members. I think I attain this aim, you can see the pictures.

You should realize this information before you decide to go there. First of all, you have to check your car's capacity. Do you know, there is traffic-jam on the road to the cape, you have to drive pass a few high slopes, while there is traffic-jam. You can imagine that, if your car is not able to climb up the hill, it would be going down the hill. I got such experience 4-5 years ago. Don't worry! If your car backs down the slope, you should pick the big stone from the road side to block its wheels.


Lam Phromthep View

Souvenir Shop on Phromthep Cape

Cause of its name of the nicest view point in Phuket, cause for most of travellers wish to go there. There are many crowds on the cape, so you should go early to the cape. I think you should arrive there at least 30 minutes. Otherwise you will miss sun set. In addition to see the impressive scenery, you can shop many types of local souvenir, such as decoration materials, batik clothes and pearl or shell ornament. Besides that I invite you to visit The King Bhumipol's Coronation Jubilee lighthouse. It locates on the top of the hill; you can see wider view from it. And there is demonstration about navigation in the past which you will know technology, apparatus and so on. This service is free of charge.


Inside The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

Lam Phromthep View

Lam Phromthep View

Lam Phromthep View

In fact, you can't see sun set every time on the cape, it's depending on how clear of the sky. The weather in Phuket is unpredictable especially in rainy season. I tell you what; my friends from Bangkok came to visit me in December 1998. They planned to see the sun set. You know the sky was clear thoroughly the day! And they hoped to get the good chance. But unfortunately, while the sun was setting at Lam Promthep, the sky was cloudy. Until now, they haven't chance to see the beautiful scenery.

The Sun set at Lam Promthep

The sun sets every evening; there are crowds at Lam Promthep. It is the daily activity on here. The human-being comes to this world, and go for away from this world. It's the same matter. You get the truth from this activity or not!

The God save you.

Promthep Cape Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Camera for excellent pictures
  • It will be good if you have a binocular
  • Map (for the direction)
  • Should check your car cause of the road is very steep.
  • Have to go from the evening especially in during of festival
Most favorite:
  • Excellent view and when the sun falls down
  • Delicious coconut juice
  • Make understand for the weather and sometime cannot see the sun fall down.

by: Torquoise

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