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Kusontam Foundation Travel Story
Kusontam Foundation

Kusontam Foundation’s donated building has two floors. There are set of altar tables in both of two floors. Many Buddha images are put down the altar table.

Several days ago, I had chance to endow money at Kusoltam Foundation. I feel that this is very good relaxation. At first I saw here, I though it was Chinese Association. I usually observed what they did when I passed there. The Foundation will help many people who injured in the accident. The money that is endowed by people will be brought to buy coffin for the homeless dead. Few days ago, I saw they gave people things. The scene impressed me so much. I though that if I had chance, I would endow money at here.

Radio Center and Emergency Services

My colleagues told me that they wanted to endow money, so we decided to go to Kusoltam Foundation. The Foundation is located at Soi Phoon pon, at the corner of the street, beside the traffic light.

The Foundation has three main buildings. The first one is open plan building.. I think it will be the conference building. The second one is the cooperative radio center. The last one is worshiping and donating building.

This is Paekong or guardian spirit which you have to worship first.
The roof which is Chinese style is so beautiful.

The staff will service endower at Chinese building (like the shrine).

Fortunately, besides endowing money for buying coffin, I had chance to endow money to buy rice for a school also.

Donated Building has two floors. There are set of altar tables within the buildings. There are a lot of Buddha images on the altar tables such as Chao Mae Kuan-im, Praphumchaothee(Guardian Spirit), Theappachao  Sue , Theappachao Thidtai and etc.

The atmosphere within building is good.

Before coming back home, I read the Foundation’s brochure. It makes me know that the Foundation has two brunches. The second one is located at Patong beach. Moreover, brochure is written that the foundation’s staff cannot collect money from people at home. Anyone wants to donate many things but cannot take them to the foundation, please call them at (076) 211706, 246216 and Fax (076) 246207, 246352.

This is God who looks after and protects human being.
Chao Mae Kuan-im who is very beautiful.

I think that the Foundation is worth to come very much. Besides, endowing, I have chance to see many beautiful paintings on the wall and altar. Their paintings are Chinese style. The paintings concern about Samsian (Hok, Lok and Siw), swan, dragon, flower and fruit.

This is God who looks after the south.


This is Swans which are in Chao Mae Kuan-im’s altar.
This picture is on God of South’s altar.
This is Samsian painting (Hok, Lok and Siw).

Kusoldham foundation Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Make your mind and body purity
  • Dress politely
  • Peaceful mind
Most favorite:
  • Tranquil and feel to relaxation
  • If you would like to donate, please do at Kusoldham foundation only because there’s no policy of subscription.

by: Torquoise

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