Kruvit Raft Seafood Restaurant

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Kruvit Raft Seafood Travel Story
Kruvit Raft Seafood


The Great Service. The Freshest Seafood.

A big family shares a plate of crab legs and reminisces about old times. A group of girlfriends meet at happy hour to gossip and nibble shrimp. Friends dip lobster tails in seafood sauce and no one can keep track of who's talking, so everyone just talks all at once. At Kruvit Raft Seafood Restaurant, we make such connections possible.

Impressive with the day and night atmosphere and sentimental with the beauty of Praw Island, taking watch the panoramic Andaman Sea and having sublime seafood in relax ambience.

Fried Crab

There is a chef who is obsessed with seafood. For all I know, she lives it, it and may keep pet lobster. Every shrimp, every cut of fish served in this 400-seat restaurant is impeccably fresh. Tank between table and table hold live lobsters, crabs, oysters, Morey Eels, and several kinds of fish. Ensuring the range of first-rate seafood she offers every dish requires knowledge and deep pockets. It also takes the dedication and patience to pursue leads and develop relationships with suppliers, because the best raw ingredients are strictly allocated.

The owner, Yee

“I feel that there is something
particularly exciting
about finding good seafood
by the sea.”

Since opening four years ago, The Kruvit Raft Seafood Restaurant has established a Phuket reputation for imaginative cooking of the very freshest fish and shellfish. The restaurant is situated on a raft just across the quay from Leam-Him to Praw Island . The restaurant has continued to rise above the tide with their winning recipe for success - good, fresh seafood, excellent service and a great location.

fresh seafood

Kruvit Raft Seafood's renowned reputation is upheld by their unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction. This commitment is a promise made to each guest to ensure great seafood at a reasonable price and courteous service in a fun-filled atmosphere. From the moment a guest walks up from a boat into this restaurant, the ambiance lets them know that they're in for something special.

“I've never thought of our restaurants as temples of gastronomy, they're just places where the fish is fresh and exhilarating and the atmosphere is alive and full of fun. The way we cook and the relaxed way the staff look after you in the restaurants are our idea of what seaside holidays in a very pretty Praw Island on the east Phuket are all about.” The owner, Yee, said

the atmosphere is alive and full of fun

"It has been a dream of mine to find myself in some charming little seaside town where there's a restaurant serving what the local fishermen are catching. At The Kruvit Raft Seafood Restaurant, I woke up happy!"

local fishermen are catching
Kruvit Raft Seafood

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