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Khao Tou Sae Travel Story

Khao Tou Sae

I think Khao Tou Sae may be the highest mountain in Phuket. This is because many radio and television stations are located at here. My old office is located near this mountain, so I usually have chance to go there. Now I change my job, so I have less chance to go there.

The way to Khao Tau Sae, there is Chao Phor Tau Sae shrine on the left side.

Besides three models of Chao Phor Tau Sae within the shrine, there are follower models of Chao Phor below his models.

For good luck, I have to pray for Chao Phor’s blessing. The car park of the shrine is comfortable. I do not hesitate to take a photo.

There are Phaya Ngu-khao and Phaya Ngu-dam shrines beside Chao Phor Tou Sae shrine.

There are models of Khao Tau Sae, Tou Sae Dam and Tou Sae Dang within the shrine. It is believed that they are guardian spirits of Amphur Muang. A lot of people respect them. Someone who very respects them will not eat pork on Friday.(Chaophor is Muslim).

I heard that the sixth month of every year is the sacrificial festival. There are a lot of sacrificial things such as red chili, areca palm, betel pepper, tobacco, flower, garland and white and yellow sticky rice. For the product that made from a pig cannot take into here.

I have just known that there were monkeys at Khao Tou Sae when I saw a man feeding them. I do not know the type of those monkeys but I guess it is a mountain type. I cannot take a photo them because I have to drive the car. The way to the top of the mountain is narrow and uncomfortable, so tourists should be careful.

Finally, I can reach the peak safely. My car is parked at the location of the Channel Five stations. The station’s staffs are very kind. They allow me to take photos as I want.

This area may be Sire Island and Ratsada Harbor.
Another view of Phuket
Beautiful Views

In the evening many people like to exercise at Khao Tou Sae because the weather is very fine. I think I will come here for exercise. However, today I am afraid I cannot because I have to go on working. If I have chance to come here again, I will take photos of evening atmosphere and monkeys to show you na-ka.

Khao Toe Sae Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Camera for excellent pictures
  • It will be good if you have a binocular
  • Map (for the direction)
  • Should check your car cause of the road is very steep.
Most favorite:
  • Great view and can see Phuket town clearly.
  • No place for view point
  • Beware monkeys! They aren’t kind every of them

by: Torquoise

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