Khao Rung Travel Story

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Khao Rung Travel Story
Khao Rung



Though I am an original Phuketien, it has been a long time since I visited Khao Rung so today I will take the opportunity to make a visit once again. It is said that its former name was Khao Lung (behind) which came from Phuketien's belief that Khao Rung is located at the back side of Phuket Island. During our trip to Khao Rung and Phuket Town, let's take some photos as well.

Shows the monument of Praya Radsadanupradid Mahisornpakdee (or Corsimbee Na Ranong) who played a great role in the development of Phuket. He held the position of Samuhatasapiban and governed Phuket province; he developed Phuket in the sense of public utilities, society and economic development and utilities such as road construction, mine enactments, initiating Phuket’s first rubber plantation, etc.

Half way to the peak, we have been walking for some time so let's take a break and drop in at Phuket View Restaurant. The plan is to try some excellent Thai and International cuisine but the spectacular view may well lure us to sit here till after night fall.

I planned to take a seat at this corner because it is very sunny and bright but my colleagues seem to be allergic to strong sunlight. Therefore, we sit inside instead. However, I am not disappointed as the interior atmosphere is as gorgeous as outside.

Somehow, this place could be considered as our place of recreation. This place makes me happy. Can you see my friend’s hand in this picture? She is the naughty girl of my neighborhood.

Good food, good conversation and another great sunset!.

We are full now so we continue to the view at the top of Khao Rung. Let's see whether it is as beautiful as at midday . After arriving, we can only suggest that it would be a shame for you to miss this. (Another suggestion is to not stay here too late at night as it could be dangerous). Thus we end our trip with a few beautiful night shots.

This is the picture of Naam Prik Koong Seab. It is a very delicious shrimp paste served with local fresh vegetables like Yod Mun Poo
(or Luk Sorn Chee).
Steamed fish with curry paste or Hor Mok.


From Khao Rung Viewpoint at night.
Another view from Khao Rung at night.

Khao Rang Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Camera for excellent pictures
  • It will be good if you have a binocular
  • Map (for the direction)
  • Drive along the electric pillars and be assured you will not lose a way.
Most favorite:
  • Beautiful view, convenient transportation and not far from Phuket town.
  • Convenient transportation, in day time this place is a busy town but at night is so desolate.

by: Torquoise

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