Khao Nak-Kerd Travel Story

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Khao Nak-Kerd Travel Story
Khao Nak-Kerd

Have you ever heard about the history of Khao Nak-Kerd? If not, let me tell you this brief story. It is said that during the golden era of the Suwannaphum period, Phuketiens sent a representative to invite the Buddha to Phuket. The Buddha's first place of visit to Phuket was Koh Kaew Pidsadan near Promtep Cape to introduce morality to villagers. The villagers asked him to press his footprint as worship material near the riverside onto a huge stone. Buddha's footprint is one and a half size of a human footprint. Local people then named this place as “ Buddha's footprint at Koh Kaew Pidsadarn ”.

The surrounding forests are very abundant.
The attractive view on the hill of Khao Nak-Kerd

The Buddha then came to save mankind from sin near the seashore of the mainland, and the villagers asked him for a handprint as well. Hence, this area is named as “ Rao-Wai ” because this is the place where people pay homage to the Buddha and his handprint. As time passed people forgot about Buddha's handprint. The accent of local people has changed as well. Therefore, the name “ Rao-Wai ” has became “ Ra-Wai ” as it is known today.

Koh Kaew Pidsadarn located in front of Promtep Cape

Later, Buddha visited again on the top of a hill by the invitation of angels and Nagas. While he saved mankind from sin, all angels and Nagas became enlightened and went to heaven with a bright aura around their bodies. People who lived nearby saw this and thus named the mountain “ Khao Nak-Kerd ” which roughly translates as ‘Mountain where birth of spiritual enlightenment happened.'

Ra-Wai Beach
We can see Sapan-Hin from the hill top

Wow! An interesting history eh? So today I will take you to Khao Nak-Kerd which is situated in a tropical forest and is the highest mountain in Phuket. It is located between Karon and Chalong District. The best way to get there is via Chalong District along Chao Fah (West) Road. The route passes Soi Yod Sanea (Moo 10). It is 6 kilometers from the entrance of the side street to the top of the hill. The road is quite narrow and paved with asphalt only in the village area and soon turns to dirt. Keep following the flags provided along the roadside. You will pass many trees and orchards along the way. After 10-15 minutes driving, you will arrive at the hill top.

In-building atmosphere
The view below is Chalong temple and over there is Phuket Town

There is a temporary building which holds the Buddha image called Kuan Im from Krom Luang Chumphon Monument .

The model of Prabuddha Mingmongkon Akenakkiree
This area is for establishing Prabuddha Mingmongkon Akenakkiree

The temple also has a donation box to take gold foil and other elements which go to construct Ong Prabuddha Mingmongkon Akenakkiree (Buddha image of Phuket). If you prefer to donate money, you can make a transfer to the Thai Military Bank account number 495-2-04400-8 , account name; Prabuddha Mingmongkon Akenakkiree.

Each part of Buddha image had been constructed separately before combined


The bronze statues of Luang Pu Toud and Somdej-To Promrungsri
The bronze statues of Somdej-To Promrungsri, Luang Poh Cham Wat Chalong and Poh Tan Klaay Wajasit in order
The Buddha images in different postures and Pra Sriwalee
Grasses grow very green and beautiful along the roadside
Ao Chalong Port
Kata Beach
Once construction is over, I will take a photo for you all as promise

I hope this inspires you to explore a new attractive place. Well worth a visit!

Khao Nak Kerd Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Camera for excellent pictures
  • It will be good if you have a binocular
  • Map (for the direction)
  • Should check your car cause of the road is very steep.
Most favorite:
  • Elegant view and can see the almost place on Phuket Island.
  • It’s inconvenient that come here by motorcycle or sit in the back of pickup because here is a laterite road and can make you get some dust from here.

by: Torquoise

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