Khao Mai Thao Sib Song

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Khao Mai Thao Sib Song Travel Story

Khao Mai Thao Sib Song

Khao Mai Thao Sib Song is the highest mountain in Phuket. It heightens about 529 meters. This mountain is located in Krathu district. If you don’t know…where is it? We would like you to think of the mountain that is a background behind Patong beach. On the top of this mountain there is a big golf. That is the soldiers’ instrument for check the climate. 

There is a background behind Patong beach. The red circle is a place where we are going to go.
Radar or some instrument that for check the climate.
Khao Mai Thao Sib Song

Although Khao Mai Thao Sib Song is located in Krathu district .But there is a territory with Chalong too and the best transportation that access to this mountain is the route from Soi Bann Nai Trok, Chalong district, Phuket.

See this sign and turn through about 5-6 kilometers. You will reach View Point.

But this trip we don’t use the route from Soi Nai Trok. We drive along road .The road become to laterite. Through two sides there are very beautiful landscapes and shady of the forest.

You rejoiced with the beautiful view around here you might lost the way.

At the end of road that is a rubber collection factory, so there is not the way to go!!! Fortunately, there is a man who stands around here. (He may be known what are we doing?) We ask him…how can we go to Khao Mai Thao Sib Song? He told me to go along the black road (asphalt road). So we have to turn left before.

Go along the black road

After we asked about way to the mountain, we return down to the true way. Until reach the intersection and asphalt road. Surely we start to drive continued and then there is an intersection. Eh… what shall we do? We vote to turn left always passes. But there are something bother us (the fuel’s price so high) drive along the road it slope. Oh! Do we go up or go down the hill? Don’t worry. Call to ask my friends who have come here. It might be better. So when my friends told us. We just known we took the wrong way! We must turn right at the first intersection.


Ah! When we’ve know the true way already. So we notice something that must to drive along the electricity posts. These electricity posts are dragged with big three electricity wires. We think that may be use with the big golf on the top of the mountain surely.

Drive along the electricity posts. You will reach the mountain.

Through the way it’s so comfortable because the road is paved with asphalt.
Along two sides the road are so shady by reed grasses. Phuketian use their blossom to made brooms. (The product of Krathu district)

Broom made from reed grass.
It’s one of OTOP’s Phuket

Beside of reed grasses, there are Hang Mar trees around here too. So these trees cannot made brooms because it’s not suitable for use. How can we notice two different trees? Reed grass’s leaves are bigger and wider than Hang Mar’s leave.

Reed grasses’ leave are bigger than Hang Mars’ leave.
Hang Mars’ leave are more taper than reed grasses’ leave.

Drive along the road about 4 kilometers where the place for view point. It’s a lawn so you can see the beautiful atmosphere but you cannot see around the island. Because of here is not the top of the mountain. We cannot go up to the top because it’s the air force’s area.

Pass this curve you will see beautiful view.
Air force’s area

From here we can see beautiful view of Patong beach and Phuket town.

Look down! It’s Patong beach.
Khao Toe Sae
Saphan Hin (notice an incinerator)
That is you are looking it is Khao Kad view point tower.
That is the top of Khao Nak Kerd which high equal by where we stand.
Chalong Bay
Bang Wad dam when we are going down the mountain.
Near the main road on the right hand you will see Wat Luang Poo Supa.
Luang Poo Supa’s residence

Now we have traveled in many places. We would like to recommend when you will to have a trip to anywhere. You should to plan because it can help you to save your money.

Khao Mai Thao Sibsong Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Camera for excellent pictures
  • It will be good if you have a binocular
  • Map (for the direction)
  • Drive along the electric pillars and be assured you will not lose a way.
Most favorite:
  • Very beautiful view
  • Cannot see around Phuket Island caused of cannot go up the hill.

by: Torquoise

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