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Khao Khad Travel Story
Khao Khad

The Viewpoint tower at Kao Khad holds one of the most beautiful scenic views in Phuket. Established by Wichit district government organization, it is located at Wichit district, Amphur Muang, Phuket and overlooks Ao Makam and Cape Panwa. It is accessible via Sakdidej Road through Muang Tong Village and Mudong Canal. The way may seem a little complicated but look for many small guide posts along the road side.

Let's start journey here today!

In the past, there was only a very steep dirt track leading to the top of the mountain. Reaching the summit was only achievable by foot or a courageous motor cycle ride. These days the ascent of Kao Khad is much easier as the wide road is laid with fine asphalt. There is also a footpath for those who want to work their legs and lose a bit of cellulite. At the viewpoint area, there is an extensive car park, souvenir shop and clean toilet.

There is comfortable car park provided

Referring to a proverb if I may, “ perseverance always achieves success .” To get what we want we must take the challenge! It is time to spur your adrenaline! Actually, we just want to tell that you must climb approximately 100 steps to reach the top. Do not give up! Actually, it's quite achievable. So let's start our trip.

Viewpoint tower of Khao Khad

It's unusual that I'm not feeling the effects of the climb as I thought I would. Maybe I have the task of photography to distract me. Before I know it I'm at the top of the Viewpoint tower. The ambience is fantastic!

You know! The half distance still lefts over from this stop!
Actually, this tower has height equal to third of forth floor building

It seems I have chosen the perfect day to come here. The skies are clear and I have been provided with what seems like perfect photo opportunities. The summit provides a 360 degree view. And it's possible to take in a clear view to nearby Koh Sirea and Phuket town, Cape Panwa and also Chalong Bay.

Maybe I can even see Krabi from here? Not quite. Just lacking a little in supernatural powers today! Unfortunately it may be a little too sunny as the effect through the view of my camera is a little bright and hazy.

Do not show your disrespect! This is the light from nether world
It is clear weather today but quite steamy
Over there is Sapan-Hin, Koh Sirea and the front mountain is Kao To-Sea.
Mudong Canal runs dry because of low tide
Makam Bay
Phuket Town
Panwa Cape

From our trip today, I would have to agree that the Views from the tower of Kao Khad are some of the most impressive I've seen in Phuket. As the hot sun reclines and the air gets cooler I realize that Kao Khad is also unsurpassed as a place to combine a bit of exercise with a rewarding sunset.

Finally, kindly receive our sincere apologies for the blurry pictures. Sometimes justice cannot be done in a photo. I can only urge you to come and see the real thing more clearly with your own eyes.

Khao Kad Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Camera for excellent pictures
  • It will be good if you have a binocular
  • Map (for the direction)
Most favorite:
  • Great view and can see around in every nook on Phuket Island
  • Unsuitable for the old aged person

by: Torquoise

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