Kata and Karon Beaches have a reputation as being the most white and sandy beaches of Phuket

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Kata Beach - Karon Beach Travel Story
Kata Beach - Karon Beach

Kata and Karon Beaches have a reputation as being the most white and sandy beaches of Phuket. Many visitors like to visit here, particularly foreigners. The twin beaches have a spectacular outlook and they attract visitors who love sunbathing and marine activities. Kata Beach is approximately 17 kilometers away from Phuket Town and is easily accessible via a number of routes. You can either travel from other beaches by road around the island or from Phuket Town via Chao-fa (East) road.

The white and powdery beach

Kata Beach is divided into two parts; Kata Beach and Kata-Noi Beach . Because of a long line of coral reefs connecting to Crab Island , it is very suitable for swimming, snorkelling and diving. However, you should take care during the monsoon season (between May and November) because huge waves, winds and strong currents can be extremely dangerous.

Kata Beach

There are many hotels, lodging houses, shops, tour operators, and entertainment venues around the beach. Usually these establishments will provide service from early afternoon till night time.

Koh Pu
The atmosphere of colorful night life

Karon Beach is located about 3 km to the north of Kata Beach and is surrounded by hills. Karon Beach is also slightly longer than Kata Beach . A unique feature of Karon Beach is uneven sand hills and plenty of big pine and sugar palm trees growing at the fringes of the beach.

A wide range of accommodation and services are also available at Karon. Karon is the perfect place to take a drive, take in some fresh air and check out the sights; particularly close to the roundabout which exhibit the lifestyle of Karon villagers involved in fishery and agriculture.

Karon Beach

Just south of Kata beach, on the road to Kata Noi, take a left hand turn up the steep hill (the road to Nai Harn beach) and keep going until you reach the viewpoint. This viewpoint holds a great view of the three beaches facing north west . This is a must see as it is one of the most outstanding views on the island. If you haven't been here, you haven't really seen Phuket.

Karon Roundabout

Anyway, if you visit Kata and Karon Beach , another unmissed place is the view point. It located at the route between Nai-Han Beach and Kata-Noi Beach . Upon here it could enable you to see the view of three bays; Kata-Noi bay, Kata bay and Karon bay. You know! It is well-known as a selling point of Phuket. If anybody travel to Phuket but miss to visit this view point, that means not really arrive at Phuket.

From this view point you can see the fantastic view of Kata-Noi bay, Kata bay and Karon bay

A visit here in the evening time is recommended. Aside from the atmosphere and the distant night lights, you can take in the sun casting its final rays over three of the best beaches on the island.

Kata - Karon Beach Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Camera for excellent pictures
  • Should go in the evening for great atmosphere
Most favorite:
  • An atmosphere when the sun falls down in the sea.
  • Big wave suite for ride the waves

by: Torquoise

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