Halal Food Hilan Town

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Halal Food Hilan Town Travel Story

Halal Food Hilan Town

Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization co-operated with TAT. (Tourism Authority of Thailand) set up on 28th July – 1st August 2005 at Kamala beach. The reason is for after this beach had attacked by Tsunami on 26th December 2004. So it returns to beautiful again and ready to welcome the tourists again.

Halal Food Hilal Town Fair

Halal is an Arab’s word. It’s not only referring to foods but it means to the things that Allah allows them to do. And “Hilal” is refers to a crescent moon, a symbol of Islam.

So this fair is about living and culture of Islamic in Phuket. There are many foods that are clean and right follow by the Islam principle.

In front of this fair there are lanterns throughout two sides of road. Those lanterns are modified from birdcages with papers by batik colors. The entrance designed in domes style. So it is a symbol of this fair.

Lanterns throughout the road

It’s a birdcage.

This fair embellish by lanterns, lights .Some are hung and tie round coconut trees.

A beautiful of batik booth

Batik corner


Other side of batik corner

Many people like to click pictures here.

Halal Food Hilan Town is full of Thais and foreigners, all of Buddhist and Islamic. Most of Islamic wear batik (a kind of Javanese or Malay glazed sarong), lace fabric and cover their hair with charming cloths.


A young Islamic

Children’s dressing

Children’s dressing


Children’s dressing

Adult’s dressing

There are many bistros. These bistros are all of products from 14 provinces in southern of Thailand and OTOP from other provinces, stage for performances and birds contest.


This bistro comes from Bureeram.

Leathers from Padungbeza
Perfumery from Koh Kred

Sweet rice from Yasothorn

At batik booth there are many of bags, clothes, lanterns, notebooks, or paintings.

Batik’s products

I really want to buy.

Let’s see a beautiful picture!

Beside of these there are batiks, laced clothes, decorations, wickerworks throughout the trees.

Variety of batiks
Cover hair clothes
Silk fabrics and laced clothes


Perfumeries and equipments

I like to watch gems, stones, silvers and Thai porcelain because women likes privately.


Stones, gems and ornamentations

Silver handicrafts

Thai porcelains with designs in five colors




Northern flowers

Lovely elephant

Next to the bistros there are many restaurants more than 50 restaurants. That all of main dishes, sweet dishes and desserts from many places. All of foods are right by Islam principle.

Porntip Seastore’s booth
Herbals tea
Herbals tea

Hotel arrange by themselves

Stage consists of a main stage around by minor stages. These minor stages are local cultural such as Ronggeng dance, Panjasilad(Muslim playing), Hu-Lu performance, shadow play etc.

Ronggeng dance stage

Shadow play

At the main stage there is Lights and Sound Show in “Princess Mussuri legend”. Because Kamala beach the place where the history happened.

The performance on stage
The performance on stage

This is a shorten legend of Princess Mussuri.

Princess Mussuri was a very beautiful woman and then she marriaged with the Langkawee Sultan’s brother. Then a war was happened. It caused to Sultan’s brother must to be a warrior.

Somebody slandered that she had a lover. It made her husband decided to execute by a dagger. Before she died she prayed to if she was not wrong, her blood will be white for prove her sincerity and Langkawee island lived without prospering forever.

But a dagger is not irritated on her skin. The Princess told to the executioner to bring a special dagger of her ancestor from her house. When a dagger cut her neck the white blood was spouting. It means to her sincerity.


Her brother was afraid of her grandchild. He just aged 5 months. Her grandchild is only an heir of Mussuri. So they float to Phuket Island and settle down at here. The first generation is Toe Wan and from that day Langkawee island was so quiet. People were not happy with Mussuri’s malediction. Until the 7th generation her heirless is Miss Sirintra  Kayee. So she had been in this fair too.

The performances in that day are very exquisite. Special for anyone who buys the ticket for entrancement, they will get a square umbrella free!

The excessive audiences

Beside, there is batik drawing demonstration, take baby in to a bassinet traditional, Thai massage including to birds contest.


Batik drawing demonstration

Design of batik

Shadow play


Created art works

Taking baby in to the bassinet traditional

It’s not only adults that are enjoying with shopping but children are zesty for a mini amusement park. Such as paint pictures, throw toy balloons and playthings.

A mini amusement park

So I have taken for more than 3 hours to walk around this fair. But I got many detail in this fair to tell to you. 

Halan Food Hilan Town Advice

Prepare yourself:
  • Dress adroitly
  • Don’t wear tally shoe
Most favorite:
  • Extensive products, fair decorated interior
  • Go together with one car for your convenience.

by: Torquoise

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