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Coffee Beans Travel Story

Coffee Beans


The Coffee Beans is the modern shop. The identity of the shop is the decorated coffee seed on the coffee table. This is not luxury decoration but customers find it fascinating.

If you feel tired after shopping at the Central Festival Phuket and want to find something to drink, you should go to Coffee Beans. It is located on the third floor around food court. The fresh atmosphere makes you relax. The shop suits you all.

The modern styled shop’s tables are decorated by coffee seed. This is the shop’s attractiveness. The simple decoration is the shop’s identity. The advantage of this shop is you can choose the seat by yourself. You may sit in air condition room or sit in outdoor. The shop’s outside is balcony for relaxing. If you want calmness, you should sit indoor. If you come with your group, you should sit outdoor.


You can sit in cool weather within air condition room or outdoor for touching natural air.



The atmosphere of the shop

This shop’s coffee offers various flavors such as cappuccino, espresso and mocha. The coffee of this shop is made from fresh coffee.

The shop has not only coffee but it has tea also. There are lemon tea, hot tea and cold tea at here. Moreover, it has shaken green tea.

Khun Kai is the one executive of
the Coffee Beans.


There are a lot of shaken juices at here. Shaken mango juice is very popular. Its flavor is delicious. It is made from fresh mango. Therefore, while you eat it, you will touch the taste of fresh mango. There are many desserts such as cake, cookie and other baked sweet at here. I heard that these sweets were ordered from the famous hotel. Its flavor smells good.

These sweets are ordered
from the famous hotel.

If you are not full, you may order a la cart. There are a lot of a la cart to service you such as much fried rice, spaghetti, pasta, cabonala, Spaghetti with tomato sauce and sandwich. If you add a little money, you will receive a la cart with drinks. You can choose between lemon tea and cold tea as you like.


The logo of the shop

by: Torquoise

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