Cherngtalay Shrine in Phuket

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Cherngtalay Shrine Travel Story
Cherngtalay Shrine

In 1991, Chinese and English came to Ban Thin-Lay (Moo 1, Cherng Talay) to mine for tin. Chinese people did not use machine to do it. It is different from English. The method of English’s mining; first, they will spray water into soil. Then, they use machine to draw in rock, soil, sand for transmitting to mineral rail. After that the whole substance will be sorted out to find the tin. Since English’s mine is outstanding, it is named Tin-Rail. In the time, Ban Tin-Lay is known as one of the large mine in Phuket. Therefore, most Chinese flow in the area to earn a living. Then, they gather to form village. They agree that they should take Chinese image to the village to worship for good luck. They assign Pae(Ancle)-Chu-Pay-Tak to bring the image to here.

Pae(Ancle)-Chu-Pay-Tak is barber in Ban Tin-Lay. In 1901, he decided to visit hometown and when he came back again, he took 3 Chinese images to here. The images were wooden sculpture. Its height was 7 inches.

When he arrived in Ban Tin-Lay, he did not know where he should place the image. Therefore, he goes to see Pae(Ancle)-Chu-Chew-Ti, father of Pae(Ancle)-Puy-Ti to ask the advice. Pae(Ancle)-Chu-Chew-Ti give his land which is 5 meters wide and 7 meters long. Pae(Ancle)-Chu-Chew-Ti is Pae(Ancle) Chu-Pay-Tak ’s relative. And one of all images’ surnames is similar to his surname.

8 immortals of Chinese stories
are on the roof of shrine.

Later, they built the first building which was made from wooden. It roof was cover by galvanized iron. And the association was called “Kim-Hui-Tain”. After finishing building, the Chinese images were placed at here. The Chinese images are called “Sam-Ong-Hu” which means holy 3 images. The first image was called “Chu-Hu”. The second was “Heng-Hu”. The last was named “Louis-Hu”. Their names were called after their surnames. It is believed that all images had 360 relatives taking care and protecting the shrine.

In that time, there were 5 people taking care here.

  1. Pae(Ancle) Kin Saelim, Chief of village
  2. Pae(Ancle) Hok Saetiw
  3. Pae(Ancle) Kimchuan Sealim
  4. Pae(Ancle) Koysue Saekoy
  5. Pae(Ancle) Kechooy Saechua

There were 2 persons who had responsibility to invite the Chinese image.

  1. Pae(Ancle)-Chu-Pay-Tak , Huad-Kua who had responsibility to invite the Chinese image.

  2. Pae(Ancle) Chu-Ha-Chiao, Assistant of Huad-Kua

There were 3 mediums at here.

  1. Pae(Ancle) Hong-Ha-Yok or Hong-Yok (Father of Phaibul Wongsery, Village Leader), medium of Pra Chu-Hu.
  2. Pae(Ancle) Chua-Toa-Poy, medium of  Pra Hong-Hu
  3. A labor in the mine Chim-Chan, medium of  Pra Tun-Hu

The Chinese images who communicate with the medium will is not the images that are placed in the shrine but one of 360 the Chinese images. Everything depends on Huad-Kua.

the atmosphere within the shrine

Nowadays, there are only 2 images in the shrine. The other one (Pra Chu-Hu) is moved to Mr.Charn Sermkitsri’s house.

Since Pra Samong-Hu was invited to here, the Chinese people live together harmoniously. This shrine is interested by a lot of people. Most villagers come here to bless themselves. Someone ask the image to cure his/her disease.

After building for 17 years, the shrine was first renovated in 1918. This repairing of the shrine was cooperated by many labors in the mine. Besides reconstructed building, there also were repaired nameplate, slogan and praise.

The nameplate of “Kim Hui Tiam” which was endowed by Mr. Tun Jiao-Chuan and Mr. Kuachuimui was wooden carve. The praise sign was written that “Hui Leng Hian Hian” which showed the miracle of the images. Moreover, there were 2 signs at the doorway. The sign showed the praise of the wind and cloud.
The first sign was made by Mr. Potianheng and Mr. Lunchai.
The rest was built by Mr. Hoylengpiao and Mr. Tengpotian.

the atmosphere in front of the shrine

Before World War II for 4 Years, the last medium died. Therefore, the shrine had lacked the medium for a long time.

Later, the second reconstruction of the shrine was set after World War II for 10 years by Mr. Phaibul Wongsery or Hongtiansue, Village Leader. He appointed the committee to control the renovation. He also used private money to by the land beside the shrine to enlarge the shrine. Moreover, Mr. Sangchai Saksritawee or Limhoksong also buy the land to endow for the shrine. Nowadays, its land is 10.7 meters wide and 30 meters long. Its roof was changed to be tile. The building is also built by brick.

the picture is site of wooden carve image.

There were the committee and volunteer in the second renovation of the shrine.

  1. Mr. Hongtiansue (Phaibul Wongsery, Village Leader)
  2. Mr. Lim-Tong-Su
  3. Mr. Ju-Ha-Chiao
  4. Mr. Lim-Hok-Song
  5. Mr. Lim-Yok-Kao
  6. Mr. Lim-Kim-Sun
  7. M r. Lim-Song-Seng
  8. Mr. Tae-Iu-Jai
  9. Mr. Tiw-Ka-Seng
  10. Mr. Tun-Eu-Un
  11. Mr. Ueng-Tek-Wong
  12. Mr. Iao-Eu-Song
  13. Mr. Lim-Seng-E
  14. Mr. Lim-Bun-Jui

There were 2 Huad-Kua

  1. Pae(Ancle) Ju-Ha-Chiao, Huad-Kua who had responsibility to invite the Chinese image.
  2. Mr. Ueng-Tek-Wong, Assistant of Huad-Kua

There were 3 mediums.

  1. Mr. Khao Rachai, the medium of Pra Chu-Hu
  2. Mr. Nit Samkong, the medium of Pra Heng-Hu
  3. Mr. Lim Rattanadilok Na Phuket, the medium of Pra Louis-Hu

In 1982, Mr. Sangchai Saksritawee, said that villager faced the problem about taking a trip to the town to join vegetarian ceremony. Therefore, someone had to miss the ceremony because of uncomfortable journey. He and the committee decided to hold the vegetarian festival at here. The images at here began eat vegetable in 1983 for 5 days.

Later, in 1984, they decided to hold the festival for 7 Days. There were a lot of villagers attending the festival because of the comfort in voyage. Next year there was holing festival for 9 days. Every year, the shrine’s festival was joined by many people more and more. The festival had been held for 17 years from 1983 to 2000.

The shrine was beside the villager at Cheng Talay for over 100 years. The people at here have well being. Now they get income by traveling industry instead of mining. The village is very living.

The feeling of writer
I write the story by listening to teller. Therefore the story will be not almost true. If there are some mistakes, please forgive me. If you know the truth about this story, please tell me to revise in the second copies.

by: Cherngtalay Shrine

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