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Mr. Christopher Anderson, Security Safe Stop

Security Safe Stop provides services and solutions you need to protect your residences and business ranging from the smallest shop to the largest retail centre. Our services are ready and covered all businesses including hotels, resorts, villas, banks, residences and others. We have experienced specialists having ability in high technology.

Mr. Christopher Anderson

We intend to every detail from the starting to after sales service served by our professional specialists who will help you estimate your security risks and locations. No matter your business is small or big, our skilled team will thoroughly analyze to rightly solve problems with proper products and then assist you to install and examine the working system in order to ensure that you receive our best product and service.

Mr. Christopher Anderson, the owner of Security Safe Stop Co.,Ltd, is an English man from England. He graduated from London. After graduation, he worked as a manager at a security system company for over 12 years in London. It is regarded that Mr. Anderson is an expert in security system.

Last 7 years ago, Mr. Anderson firstly traveled to Thailand and at that time he visited Phuket as well. This attracted Mr. Anderson to choose Phuket, Thailand. And Mr. Anderson told us that at that time he met a good person and impressed him as well as Phuket had wonderful scenery, good atmosphere and delicious food. Suddenly, he decided to select only Phuket.

Our Team

He added that the reason that he chose a security system business was because he saw that property business in Phuket fast grew and he perceived the security system business would grow together.

About the security system products which are used by Security Safe Stop Co.,Ltd, “ All customers can rely on the quality and proficiency in use without suspicion because we select the best products for our clients”. Mr. Anderson mentioned.

At the moment, the security system works which are being proceeded by Security Safe Stop Co.,Ltd, are Closed Circuit Television System, Perimeter Security, Alarms by NESS brand imported from Australia, Door Entry System by using keycards and Safes.

For Mr. Anderson’s principle in work, he emphasizes on working together, giving suggestions and knowledge to customers, and making good relationship in work.

For the future plan of next 1-2 years, Security Safe Stop Co.,Ltd will expand branches to main important province areas such as Pattaya, Bangkok and Samui Island. For now, he would like to do his best and firstly devotes to customer market in Phuket.

And he greatly hopes that Phuketindex website is a good media for increasingly penetrating Thai market because Phuketindex website has two languages both in English and Thai to present our business”. Mr. Anderson concluded.

by: Torquoise

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