Khun Passakorn Hongsyok, Administer of Tai-Tan Boutique Court

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Khun Passakorn Hongsyok, Administer of Tai-Tan Boutique Court

Khun Passakorn Hongsyok, a vigorous businessman who is the owner of Tai-Tan Boutique Court and Area Development Project around Yaowarach Road and Phuket Centre.


Interviewer: We have heard that your work at Two Cooperation Company, Ltd. involved with administration
Passakorn: First start there, I worked in the position of Engineering and then I got the promotion to be Manager, Senior Manager and Assistant of Committee Chairman accordingly. I worked as Assistant of Committee Chairman, Khun Suppachai Jiaravaranon about 3-4 months. Then, the board of the company counted on me and offered me the position of Administrator Assistant. They assigned me to monitor and control for Sales and marketing especially product development, general services care, promotion and additional services. I worked around 1 year and I resigned. Then start my own business at Tai-Tan court.

Interviewer: What is the source of the name for Tai-Tan Boutique Court Apartment?
Passakorn: This name was renamed by my wife. It comes from the name of my two sons; Tai and Tan.


Interviewer: What is the distinctive point of Tai-Tan Boutique Court?
Passakorn: Its distinctive point should be quiet, near the town centre, easy to approach by transportation, a wide range of facilities and amenities provided such as air-conditioner, refrigerator, water heater, key card, serviced washer machine and internet linkage provided to every rooms in the apartment.

Interviewer: All you said are included in the room rate Thai baht 5,000 especially internet.
Passakorn: Yes, that is right. All expenditures are included in the room rate. There is no any extra charge and there is unlimited hours for internet usage. Actually, I always like to surf the internet therefore this is one reason that I add the internet linkage to every rooms in the apartment.

Tai-Tan Boutique Court

Interviewer: And how is about decoration and interior design?
Passakorn: Architect is Khun Jitsunthorn Phutrakoon from X-Gen. In fact, we are close friend since a child. He is quite fussy and carefully in every details of decoration epically these jobs that emphasizes simply, pleasant and enhance every bodily movement such stand, sit and lie down.


Interviewer: Does Tai-Tan apartment open for day-used customers?
Passakorn: Normally, our apartment does not emphasize day-use service but if some customer asks for this, we can provide the serviced room with Thai baht 650 for accommodation charge.

Interviewer: Do you have the future plan? And which business would you like to deal with currently?
Passakorn: At the present, the restaurant or coffee café are very interesting to me. I would like to offer this service to hard-work group in order to make them feel of relaxation like a third stay of life apart from house and office.

Interviewer: Finally, shall we know what is your concept or philosophy that you adhere for living and working?
Passakorn: There is no any special philosophy for my working but I think the important thing of living and working is daring to risk. If we fail now, we can stand up and look forward again. I have ever thought that when my father passed away, my mother was 34 years old. She tries to look after my brother, sister and me. At that time, I was 10 years old and my youngest sister was just 13 months. Anyway, she could do it well although she was alone and she only graduated diploma. For me, I am a man with quite good of graduation so I think I should be able to do it as well as being mother’s son.


After finish our conversation, Khun Passakorn escorts our team to visit and take a look Tai-Tan Boutique Court. This visiting shown that Tai-Tan is the quite and pleasant apartment. Finally, our team quite hopes that after reading this column, the audiences will get some idea that advantage to the daily life more or less.

by: Torquoise

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