Khun Arporn Petcharat, the owner of Jirayuwat Hokkien Noodle in Phuket

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Khun Arporn Petcharat, the owner of Jirayuwat Hokkien Noodle
Jirayuwat Hokkien Noodle

If we talk about “Phuket” or “Pearl of Andaman”, many people always think of the famous exotic natural places. The other one of Phuket’s outstanding is a unique culture and tradition of Hokkian which be a part of Thai-Chinese people a well as they occupied most of areas in Phuket. Particularly that is the most important part of life here is “Hokkian Traditional Food” and all tourists come to visit the Hokkian delicious style.

With a style Hokkien noodle at “Jirayuwat”, the renowned noodle restaurant in Phuket for Phuketian and tourists with an impression in a taste of mellow soup. Jirayuwat boils soup with their secret formula soup recipe so it emphasized “Jirayuwat” noodle restaurant to be a superb menu in a short time.

Khun Arporn Petcharat

Khun Arporn Petcharat, the owner of three noodle restaurant branches; at the front of Pearl Hotel, Pattna Road (near Suan Luang Public Park) and the last branch is situated at the entrance of Panason Park Ville 2. A taste of Hokkian noodle for all noodle lovers that expanded in a large group on this day.

Jirayuwat Noodle Restaurant served the delectable deliciousness for long time. A restaurant began at a wife’s father, he invented soup recipe and Khun Arporn helped for other ingredients. A restaurant was successful in the next time.

“In the past, I made noodle by myself but after that I gave it to another because I had not enough time to do that. Other ingredients are seasonings, bowl and spoon. And so on especially is “Soup” or the main essential of Jirayuwat Hokkian’s Noodle.” Says the owner.

Boiled Soup with the classic taste… “Soup” cooked with the different style. Because they boiled shrimp heads with pork bones until the sweet of the shrimp heads mixed a taste of pork bones and then becomes Hokkian Noodle of Jirayuwat as this day.

Why is “Jirayuwat” ask of many people? Khun Aporn said that Jirayuwat is a name of his wife which she changed from her old name “Huad Kui” (Chinese name). A monk named a new name as Jirayuwat.


Most of customers at Jirayuwat recommend the deliciousness to the other and their friend. Customers of a branch at the front of Pearl Hotel are Korean visitors covered Japanese, Taiwanese, Singaporean and Penang people included many officers in that areas. But all three branches still serve the customers continuously.

Khun Arporn says “Besides, the delicious Hokkian noodle for the customer, the best service with sweet voice to the customer is important in all types of business, a good way of service that can bring to use or apply with your business.”


Jirayuwat Hokkian Noodle, an original taste of soup with a unique formula recipe with impressive service at the restaurant that you can try it by yourself. Jirayuwat, a complete answer of noodle restaurant in Phuket.

by: Torquoise

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