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Virulhok in Ramakien, Ramayana



He has only one dark blue face but some details specify to dark green and strong purple. His open wide eyes look like a crocodile, unfriendly smile, wears a headdress Yod Naga and other adornment are all concerned with dangerous Naga.

Virulhok, A ruler of Maha Anthakarn City located at the underground between of Khao Trikude. With his loyalty to Siva, so he goes to Khao Krailat for seven times a year continually. One day Virulhok misunderstands that Siva stays at the upper, a ruler pays homage along the stairway and a gecko on the mountain high is mocking at a ruler.

The ruler’s face turns to red. Virulhok takes his breast chain off and beat at a gecko again and again. Until a gecko breaks into pieces before it returns to Underworld City as its home and leaves Khao Krailat is sunk slowly by the fury. After that Ravana recovers the city into the better situation by his power pushes Khao Krailat to stand at the old shape.

by: Torquoise

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