Tosagirivan in Ramakien, Ramayana : Giant Thailand

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Tosagirivan in Ramakien, Ramayana



Because of he is a son of Ravana and female elephant that makes him has a green face with the nose tip is a trunk as same as Tosakirithorn. He is also grounded mouth with crocodile eyes, (some tells his eyes are open wide) and wears a bamboo spathe, holds a weapon as a club.

Tosagirivan is an older brother of Tosakirithorn. He was born when Ravana personated to an elephant and have sex with one elephant female. After that Askan-Marasoon is affecting on Tosagirivan so he entreats Tosagirivan to be his adopted child. One day Tosagirivan goes to meet Ravana to explain a big war to Rama and Lakshmana, his brother know. Tosagirivan and his younger brother would be a leader to defend an enemy by giant troops that recovered from the nectar of Nang Montha. Finally, all of two brother and giant troops are defeated.

by: Torquoise

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