Sahassadeja in Ramakien, Ramayana : Giant Thailand

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Sahassadeja in Ramakien, Ramayana



This giant with broadly smile, eyes are wide open, wears Yod Chai Crown and his face rowed in 4-5 ranks. The first rank is a real face and three small faces at the occiput, the next 2-3-4 is many tier small faces. The last rank features two types. If it is not a giant face, it will be a Brahma face.

Sahassadeja is an ally with Ravana. This Ravana’s ally has enormous power because he has his head up to 1,000 heads and 2,000 hands with a magical club which can order anyone to live or die. He got blessing from Brahma so when he has a war anywhere, he always win.

Sahassadeja steps into Longka war when his younger brother, Moonplum died by helped Ravana fighting. Sahassadeja want to avenge on but his magical club was damaged by Hanuman and used a tail bound Sahassadeja’s head till the head separated with the body in two directions at that time Sahassadeja is dead.

by: Torquoise

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