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Maiyarab in Ramakien, Ramayana



He has got only one face, two hands and pale purple body, grounded mouth, crocodile eyes. By the way his crown is divided into two types as Kranok Crown and Cock tail Crown. His right hand holds medicines or herbs as his weapon.

Maiyarab occupies the Underworld City after his father died. He likes to study with a hermit so Maiyarab knows magic to hypnotize the army from him. Maiyarab has a weapon as a pipe and he can remove his heart away so he keeps it in a mussel shell after that it has moved to the top of Khao Tri Kude.
One day, Ravana asks for some help with Maiyarab for a war with Rama. Maiyarab uses his witchery to hypnotize the army and kidnaps Rama to Underworld City. Maiyarab puts Rama in a cage for boiling. Fortunately, Hanuman can help Rama in time and Hanuman has killed Maiyarab also.

by: Torquoise

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