Indrajit in Ramakien, Ramayana : Giant Thailand

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Indrajit in Ramakien, Ramayana



His face figure likes Indrajit’s face and wears a same headdress. But Indrajit his face is vermilion with grounded mouth and eyes are wide open. A difference is his fangs sprout down and also has both Human and Giant sideburns.

He is a son in the Great Giant named Thao Cakravarti and Nang Watchaneesoon.  Indrajit has a weapon as Mekphat or a forceful pike and can direct to destroy then bring the enemy to the knee suddenly. Indrajit holds a noticeable role in Ramayana. When Praprot moves a troop to fight with Maliwan City, Indrajit has to fight with Pra Satarut and throw his forceful pike to the enemy was unconscious. On the next day Indrajit is pierced by Praprot’s arrows and died in the battlefield.

by: Torquoise

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