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Guardian Giant

Guardian Giant

The first time of “Giant” for Thai people is in the literature textbook “Ramayana”. Especially, Ravana, he performs in an unjust side. Ravana fights with a fair side of Rama and Lakshmanan. Until people know the word “Giant” is a bad guy.

For deeply research in more detail, you can be found that Giant is divided into White & Black side. Therefore the image of Giant features the fearfulness and bravery but it cannot decide to the real mind of each giant and considers at their role and performance.

Besides the giant in the textbook, Thai people also believed in giant about a guardian for goodness and get rid of the bad thing away since Ayutthaya period until people established the Guardian Giant at the entrance of the temple.

Giant in Temple

Wat Arun or Wat Chang is the most famous on “Giant”. Because the two giants as Sahassdeja (White Giant) and Ravana (Emerald Giant) all are appeared with well-known Ta-Tien legend before they stand in front of the temple and make merit. Their hand holds big clubs at the top of the temple arch.

But the White Giant and Green Giant at present time are created by artisan in the reign of King Rama III. Giants designed with an actor's mask. It doesn’t models which created by Luang Theprotchana (Kun) who is the greatest artisan of Rattanakosin era. 

There’s no any record of an initial of these two giants that was pulled down by the natural disaster. How does it differ? But the researcher assumes that all are fascinating architecture.

Tosakanth or Ravana  

Giant of Wat Phrasrirattana Sasadaram

Here contained 12 giants but it doesn’t create in the same time. Researcher assumes the first 8 giants created since the reign of King Rama III and then renovated the left 4 giants.

The renovation occurs at the end of King Rama IV and continually to a period of King Rama V. The King Rama V remarks that Rattankosin is going to the 100th year in 1982 so he orders to renovate Wat Phrasrirattana Sasadaram.

That includes a couple of big giant which constructed by cement before embellished with the colourful mirror. This makes these giant differ from Wat Arun which refined with glossy tiles. Moreover, artisans create more 4 giants as same as at this time.


Giant with Thai belief

Giant knows as a guardian and prevents all bad things so he always stands in the heart of every Thai people. Though his face looks very angry without friendly smile and also his fangs make anyone is afraid of him but those cannot fight with his goodness as same as everyone knows.

Moreover, giant shows that cannot judge anyone at an exterior image because the beauty at the sight might be hided the harmfulness. So we should to learn more each other especially the habit.

by: Torquoise

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