Askan-Marasoon in Ramakien, Ramayana : Giant Thailand

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Askan-Marasoon in Ramakien, Ramayana



Askan-Marasoon with 7 purple faces, 2 hands. His faces divided into two ranks as a general face and 3 small faces at the occiput. The second rank is 3 small faces with grounded mouth and eyes are wide open, wears Chai Crown.

He occupies Duram City. He entreats Tosakirivan and Tosakirithorn to be his adopted child. Later, Askan-Marasoon hears that his son died during Longka war, his face gets so red then gathers the army fights for the great revenge. Until he makes a slip then arrows are pierced and cut his body. But he doesn’t die and he can multiply his body more and more. Pipek tells a solution to Rama to shoot arrows cut Askan-Marasoon’s head before Rama explodes an immense power of windstorm and sweeps Rama sinks into Ganges River. Finally, a ruler Askan-Marasoon becomes powerless.

by: Torquoise

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