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Living Thai Style

“ ‘Sukko Cultural Living Spa’, a worlds first here in Phuket” 

Sukko Cultural Living Spa provides the ideal spa destination for those wishing to explore the richness of Thai culture whilst enjoying the benefits of traditional holistic therapy. The unique ‘Thai touch’ program at Sukko Cultural Living Spa invigorates your senses and frees your mind as part and parcel of immersing yourself in Thai life at the Jantra Spa Villa.

Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellnes


As part of a journey of experience a guest is encouraged to explore the essence of Thai food through ‘Sukko Livings’ Cultural Cuisine and feel the vitality of their life force through its Cultural Wellness Activities Program.

Balance your Body and Mind………..


Renowned as the world’s first Thai Cultural Spa, Sukko Living provides Thai wellness therapies that support and promote healthy living through the use of natural methods and traditional Thai medication theory.

Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellnes

Foot Massage

Sukko Cultural Spa offers its unique interpretation of Thai traditional foot massage. One of the most unbelievably relaxing massages you can treat yourself to during your stay at the Spa, foot massage is recommended as a great way to begin the process of looking after yourself and is a proven way of relieving many minor ailments.

Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellnes

Traditional Natural Products

All the products on offer at Sukko Cultural Spa have been created with a strict adherence to the recipes, procedures and methods that have been laid down, generation to generation by Thai traditional practitioners. Herbal recipes and natural Thai traditional procedures ensure Sukko Spa products are free of petrochemicals, synthetic perfumes or colours and preservatives. Ensuring Sukko Cultural Spa’s commitment to a Green environment and a natural healthy life.

Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellnes

Experience Cultural Activities


Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is an age old, authentic, in-depth India tradition. Emphasising the “Vinyasa”, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘breath-linking movement’ ones ‘Asana’ (posture) is linked to correctly produce the correct flow of air through out the body. Done correctly under the guidance of a qualified teacher, this not only purifies and strengthens the body but also leads to a clearing and calming of the mind.

Traditional Horse and Cart

During your stay at Sukko Cultural Spa experience the return of transportation to a golden era! A Thai traditional horse and cart is used to transport you to the Jantra Spa Villa enabling you to feel as the ancients did all those years ago. A homage to the elegance of Thailand’s cultural heritage Sukko Cultural Spa is well worth a visit.

Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellnes Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellnes
Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellnes Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellnes

Thai Cuisine – a taste sensation and healthy too!
Food therapy for a healthy lifestyle.

Sukko’s outstanding menu consists of an impressive assortment of dishes and drinks that are specially prepared to suit each guests individual blood type and genetic make up. The ingredients and flavours used, help maintain the correct nutritional balance in the body whilst at the same time providing a taste sensation. There is no need for MSG or any other additives because only the best natural herbs and spices are used ensuring the finest flavours.

A course on Traditional Thai cuisine is highly recommended as a wonderful introduction to the ancient tradition of ‘food therapy' - the Thai secret to a healthy and lasting life!

“A worthwhile experience. Enjoy healthy Thai cuisine in the privacy of your own villa”

Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellnes Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellnes
Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellnes Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellnes


Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness
5/10 Moo 3, Vichit, Muang Phuket 83000
Tel +66 7626 3222 Fax +66 7626 4533


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