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Methaya Beauty World - Island Beauty Experience

Gentlemen, have you ever wondered what it is that a woman gets up to when she disappears for the entire day and comes back looking completely different: new hairstyle, alluring face and body? (If you are married, do you even notice? Have you ever wondered why anyone would want to sit or lie still doing nothing for hours on end while someone else plays with your face, hair and even your body? (Steady on boys). Probably not, but then you are not a woman, and you will most likely never understand a woman’s ways.

Ladies, ignore that man, we know that a long journey can take the shine off even the most glamorous amongst us. We also understand that it is not easy to select and trust a beauty salon that is going to pamper you the way you love to be pampered when you are thousands of miles away from home, or even just feeling a bit jaded after a hard working week. Fear not! The answer is at hand with Methaya Beauty World.

Whether your stay is a short one or a long one, or even if you live here, every self-respecting woman needs ‘the treatment’ at least once a week. Perhaps more often, if ‘that man’ insists on dragging you out on the town until the wee small hours every night. To cope with such abuse, Methaya can provide the restorative balm you need.

Situated in a three story building decorated in a modern luxurious style giving an ambiance of ‘chic’, the young and energetic staff attend to your every need from the moment you arrive to the second you depart. The first floor is a dedicated beauty salon whilst the second and third floors are devoted entirely to facial and body rejuvenation. The atmosphere is skillfully crafted for relaxation, and such self-indulgence, knowing you are in the hands of the best in the business, really can make a difference to your holiday.

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Sometimes the final outcome seems less important than the treatment itself, and if this is the case rest assured that Methaya is second to none. Well trained beauticians make you feel like royalty as they meticulously attend to your hair, fingers, nails and body with as much love as if you were their own children. What woman could ask for more?

But sometimes the outcome is vital and this salon uses nothing but the best; exotic Kerastase from L’Oreal for hair and OPI for nails, hands, and feet for example. In addition there is a range of ‘Qi’ products from Shiseido in regular use. ‘Qi’ is unique approach to beauty and well being and is designed to suit all skin types. Combined with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, Methaya is highly professional in all ways. In addition to the treatments described above, other services include hair and eyelash extensions and ‘permanent’ make up, consisting of cosmetic tattoo for eyeliner, lips and eyebrows. All such extensions and applications are expertly administered giving a completely natural look and feel. Lastly, but certainly not leastly, training courses are also available.

Ladies, is there any better way to cope with the stresses of life, solve specific skin problems or get yourself prepared for that special day (or night) than with a visit to one of the best beauty salons in Thailand? Relax, enjoy the experience and walk out feeling refreshed, revived and revitalized.

Gentlemen, Gentlemen, You too can take the day to relax and pamper yourself. Enjoy the peace and quiet without that continual conscience born feeling that you should be doing more for your devoted better half. Give her the money to get out there and enjoy!

Located on Taweewong Road (Beach Road), Patong beach, this beauty salon is easy to find. Look out for a white dog statue as a sign. Enter, and discover the difference. You may be delighted to here that Methaya is now offering special promotion for splendid facial massage in only 488 baht net per session per person. Benefit from price incentive.

Phuket Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Phuket Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Phuket Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Methaya Beauty World
186/13-14 Taweewong Rd., Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket 83150, THAILAND
Tel: +66 (0) 76 341 411

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