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Michael Brasier , Another face of the professional

Michael Brasier   Michael Brasier
Resident PGA Professional - Red Mountain, Phuket

Michael Brasier has been captivated with the game of golf since being a small boy, from cutting greens at the age of 11 until now, where he is currently within Red Mountain’s management.

Michael who is fluent in Thai and English and has a long bloodline in professional golf with Douglas Brasier being the first British professional to endeavor to Sweden coaching Europe’s royalty and then went on to design 22 of Sweden’s golf courses.

However, the major influence in his life has been his father Brett Brasier who has been a member of 7 PGA’s and has planted the Brasier footprint on golf in South-East Asia.

“I now have experience coaching and playing in Europe, last year I played a few events here in Thailand. Golf Management has always been interesting to me and I jumped at the chance to be a part of Phuket’s new Red Mountain Golf Club” Michael said with a smile. “The course is one of a kind and I love every hole! The 17th signature Par 3 seems to be the talk of the town with its 150 feet drop from tee to green” Michael Brasier

Michael, whose parents are British, was born in Germany,
spent many years in Australia then Singapore and now Thailand. “I’ve been to the States, Australia, Europe and Asia. But I always feel Thailand is home.”

When we asked Michael for advice for beginners of the game he replied “More important than anything else is love for the game. That’s what pushes you to practice for hours on end. That’s the real secret to the game”.  

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