Khun Amorn Indhrachareon, Phuket Pearl Industry Co., Ltd

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Khun Amorn Indhrachareon, Phuket Pearl Industry Co., Ltd

Khun Amorn   Khun Amorn Indhrachareon

Pearls of Wisdom
Throughout history Mankind has always known about the natural beauty of the pearl. ‘Generations’ have valued the pearls unadulterated beauty particularly for self-adornment. Subsequently, over the centuries human knowledge has grown regarding the techniques used in pearl production and due to this continuing advancement and the demand for these natural treasures, pearl farming has developed into the industry we know today.

Phuket has become well known for being a ‘Pearl Paradise’ as the island possesses the perfect conditions required for cultivating and developing quality pearls. Phuket Pearl Factory represents a genuine F2C or Farm to Customer pearl company. Run and managed by Khun Amorn Indhrachareon, Phuket Pearl Factory offers a wide selection of Khun Amorn’s own designs. These include selections of cultured pearl jewelry which range from necklaces and earrings to pendants and full sets. Each is expertly hand-crafted using only the finest Akoya, Mabe, and South Sea pearls and are available for purchase at reasonable prices.

Rather Round Pearl: The current success of the can be attributed to its excellence in gathering the South Sea pearl and Mabe pearl and in using them to create the Golden pearl which is rather round in shape [hence its name] and which has exhibited a high rate of growth. This idea has been developed since 1998 and represented the companies (company’s) outstanding product of 2002. Indeed so successful was it that a year later a “patenting” certificate was registered for the ‘Rather Round Pearl’ in the name of the chairman of Phuket Pearl Industry Co., Ltd

Khun Amorn posed three questions for Khun Amorn Indhrachareon (Phuket Pearl Factory’s Chairman)

1) Where do the inspirations for the design and creations come from?

Khun Amorn states he has drawn his inspiration from a number of sources:

Primarily form his own study of the subject but also from the latest fashion trends;  some of which he has seen on TV others which he has drawn on from magazines. Ultimately, however it is his years of experience in the industry which has allowed him to best understand ‘the market demand’ and has perhaps provided inspiration for his best creations. Like the unique and different offering of his latest RRP: The Rather Round Pearl Series 2 collection.

2) Please define for us what a ‘Pearl’ signifies in your opinion.

“Beauty, luxury, and creation”  “If women still love beauty, women will also still love the pearl”

Phuket Pearl Factory 3) What do you enjoy most about your business?

Khun Amorn states; ‘It is always that in doing this it allows him the chance to learn something new. That in continually aspiring for improvement he constantly keeps at the cutting edge of development. That this provides the inspiration for him to do something not only for his business but also for Phuket’. To this effect Khun Amorn would like to host a ‘pearl fashion show’ in Phuket so others can enjoy the beauty of his creations.

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