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The Master Butcher Shop

The Master Butcher Shop

The Master Butcher Shop The Master Butcher Shop

“No matter what, from pepper steak, Korean style flesh grilled, stewed meat noodle to jerked meat, meat is a key to many international delicious dishes, exempt for just a little proportion of some religious belief fellows. For me, I do have meat and think that beef, coffee, beer or wasabi is what one should never miss” said the owner of The Master Butcher Shop. It’s true as she mentioned; meat is one of basic ingredients people choose to create several of special dishes.

We asked Khun Paew Chonlada Hiranpruk about the beginning of The Master Bucher shop; A high quality imported meat supplier in Phuket, she replied “At first, this shop owned by a Belgian but he decided to move back, then I decided to takeover it from him and changed its name to become this present name “the Master Butcher”. I run this shop for 4 years altogether now but in fact I have been involving in this business before, could say that I have experienced in this business about 10 years. At that time there were only a few competitors but at present the marketing competition is higher. Therefore, I have considered of improve the quality of our service.”


The Master Butcher Shop

This is a good opportunity to get to know more about this kind of business from Khun Paew help us a lot about this.

Where are your products from?

“Actually, we ourselves are not the direct importer but we order from another bigger importer in Thailand, who imports meat from worldwide; New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Brazil etc. However, there are a quality domestic products available in our shop too” she added.

The Master Butcher Shop The Master Butcher Shop

When you get the products, what is the next process?
“They will be cleaned first and be kept in our cold storage. Once getting an order, then we cut into pieces as the customer specified, vacuum packaging and delivery at last.” she explained.

The Master Butcher Shop The Master Butcher Shop

Talking about customers
“Our customers typically are hotels and restaurants, as for walk-in customers are mostly foreigners. By the way, all of our products are guaranteed of the standard of quality. They are worth for any dishes, though their pricing is a bit high comparing with other’s”, said Khun Paew.

How do the customers make and order?
Mention about placing order and delivery, Khun Paew told us that most of orders are via telephone and we will deliver within the same day, we set delivery scheduled twice a day; those are at 11 am and at 4 pm. Delivery service will be practical for the customers who make at least 1,500 Bath per order; the exception maybe possible for the regular customers or for those who are on the way of other’s delivery by means of no further than the Two Sister Monument. However, delivery service will be only once a day in low season. In addition, the Master Butcher is not only meats supplier but also provide products such as ham, bacon, sausage, french-fries, frozen vegetables, cheese. Moreover we are able to order another product also.     

The Master Butcher Shop The Master Butcher Shop

Meat lover
Khun Paew said, “Each would prefer different type of meat. If one doesn’t want to put much effort on chewing, they will like fillet. I would tell you that it’s the best part form the whole and Australian fillet is very best. Our imported meat will be very fresh because of chilling method, not the freezing which the temperature is consistently set in between 3-7 degree Celsius; this is better keep meat fresh than freezing in - 14 to - 15 degree Celsius. We can guarantee our meats’ quality but in case there’s any problem, we are willing to change you the new one but this has to be within 1-2 days after purchasing. But I will say that the case is so seldom because we are confident in products”

Chilling preservation method is on the principle of keeping food fresh and maintains good condition by keeping meats in less than 7 degree Celsius temperature and under 3 degree Celsius for innards. This method is the reduction water activity to prevent microbial growth. 

Freezing is another way of food preservation, same as chilling method; it’s the reduction water activity to prevent microbial growth but different point is at the keeping temperature. For freezing, food will be kept at or under 0 degree Celsius temperature.

The Master Butcher Shop The Master Butcher Shop

About Products
“The best seller part is Filet Mignon, good quality with reasonable price. We supply more than ton each month, because it’s a good alternative for some budget restaurants or budget hotel to save cost of the dish while quality is maintained. For the most expensive part is Australian Filet pricing at a thousand baht more for each kilogram.” She added.

We were affected a little by the time of mad cow disease spread but we cope it by not to order products from the problem zone. Luckily, that our customers well understand the circumstance and are not that fuss around. 

The different between Thai and imported meats
“What is the different is its tenderness and smell; imported meats smell milk and butter, even when grill with those fatty parts will boost up a nice smell and tenderness, unlike Thai meat.” Khun Paew told and added with “December is the peak period of our shop, every kind of meat is needed especially turkey and lamb.

Tips for picking up good meats

As each kind of meat has its own distinct set of characteristics, different requirements are needed in order to ensure you are choosing a good quality of meat. The owner’s of the Master Butcher; one of Phuket’s best food product suppliers, therefore provides you with guidelines on how to select your meats so that you can make your culinary dishes deliciously tasty;

Pork: The meat should be firm grained and smooth to the touch. Pork should be grayish to pinkish in colour and should have just a bit of marbling. Avoid cuts of pork that have an abundance of fat around the outside.

Beef: Good beef should be hung for 3-4 weeks. The meat should be cold, and bright red in color without bruising or discoloration. Also look for even marbling in little flecks of white fat, and make sure it's a bit firm - not too soft when you touch it. The package should not have a lot of blood or liquid in it. Buffalo beef will be coarse-grained and less tender.

Duckling: choose those with tender and meaty breasts, brown-red in color and covered with firm white skin. It is also important to note that fresh duckling will have a strong smell.

Chicken: Chicken is one of the most versatile, affordable and delicious meats to cook with. When buying there shouldn’t be even the faintest ‘off’ smell. Make sure the limbs, flesh and skin are undamaged and the meat is firm and plump.

The Master Butcher Shop
The Master Butcher Shop

More tips about each cut of beef for cooking;

Fillet: Choice tenderloin, the tenderest cut. Nice to pan fry, roast, broil or grill and is the most expensive beef steak.

Sirloin: A steak cut from the hip which also tends to be less tough, resulting in a higher price tag.

Round: From the rump of the animal. A true grilling steak with good flavour though it can be tough if not cooked properly.

Brisket: Very tough and has to be cooked for a long time or given pressure to save cooking time. Often associated with barbecue beef brisket.

Fore shank: Used primarily for stews and soups and is not usually served any other way due to it being the toughest of the cuts.

Chuck: For cooking methods such as roasts or stew

Rib: For roast, broil, panfry, and grill

Flank: Long and flat, it is substantially tougher than the loin and rib cuts, therefore many flank recipes use marinades or moist cooking methods such as broiling or braising.

Short plate: Produces types of steak such as the skirt steak and hanger steak. It is typically a cheap, tough, and fatty meat. Cooking methods include braising, broiling and panfry.

The Master Butcher Shop The Master Butcher Shop

To maintain products’ quality
With preserving method by keeping meats in chilled room at the temperature of minus 15-16 degree Celsius to maintain their fresh, assure that our customer will get the quality meats in every single piece which is arranged up to any requirement in order.

The Master Butcher Shop not only provides meats but other various ingredients with a confidence in products qualities from trustful source are also providing too. Products vary from turkey, lamb, salmon, cheese, seasonings, french-fries, chicken meat, pork….

The Master Butcher Shop service hours is 10.00-18.30 from Monday-Saturday.

Master Butcher Shop: Specialist of Home Made Products
16/14-16 Moo 3 Chaofa Nai Road, Vichit, Muang Phuket 83000
Tel: +66 76 282 039, +66 76 264 043, Fax: +66 76 263 935
Mobile: +66 81 737 6931, +66 89 648 1256



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