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Every step of the way: The 20th anniversary of Savoey Seafood!

“Savoey takes a step into its 20th year of operation – with a reputation deserved - from the finest sea food served.”

Established in November 1988 at Patong Beach Phuket, Savoey Seafood Restaurant, is under the management of S.T.P. Group Co., Ltd. which is owned and operated by Mr.Thaveesakdi Phucharoen, and his partners. The restaurant is a casual dining restaurant, featuring Thai, Seafood, and Chinese dishes.

Flash back to the 1st of November 1988 and Sovoey Seafood has just opened with 50 tables (100 seats) and 50 staff. Located on Beach road it is one of only a few shops open - let alone catering to tourists. A novelty at the time, Savoey operated its seafood kitchen in front of the restaurant, in a layout which has not been altered to this day. Though the premises have changed. Furthermore the menu for the time was extensive in that it also offered Chinese and International selections.

Four years later and 1992 saw Savoey Seafood expand to Bangla road where it increased its capacity to over 600 seats. Development was also seen in the overall dining experience as Sovoey Seafood decided to present a combination of Thai dancing as well as other cultural performances, every night.

Savoey Seafood

Since then Savoey Seafood Restaurant year by year, has continued to develop itself and has come to be considered a Patong Beach landmark. With visitors and locals alike considering it one of Phuket’s leading seafood restaurants.

On the 26th December 2004 however, as we all know, a Tsunami hit Thailand’s Andaman coast. As a result the Savoey’s structure was largely destroyed, but with a great deal of local help and assistance the Savoey was able to open again only 10 days later. Indeed, the Savoey re-opened on the 5th January 2005 amidst the shards and wreckage of the Tsunamis’ terrible wake despite having only 30% facilities and operational readiness. In doing so the Savoey represented the first business on beach road back in operation and sent out an important message for the local economy; they expressed to the public that they were ready to welcome tourists back!

Savoey Seafood

An essential factor in helping Patong’s tourism industry to recover.
Following on from the disaster of 2004, and S.T.P Group expanded further with the opening of Beach Way Coffee Shop in September 2005, fallowed by Concaved Restaurant in October of the same year. A couple of years later a serving outlet at their beach unit the ‘Beach House’ has opened supporting customer over flow from Savoey Seafood Restaurant.

Savoey’s Executive Chef - Chef Pan offered a few words of wisdom regarding the reason for Savoey’s popularity:

“We are not the first seafood restaurant open here, but we are a pioneer in this region undoubtedly.” said Chef Pan proudly “It is our food and service that makes us stronger than others” he told us, before adding “We are always concerned about standard, freshness, cleanliness, and taste. Our restaurant’s dip pastes are different, carefully designed to allow the seafood to give out its best taste.” Something Chef Pan takes a pride in and a reason he tells us he has never considered leaving.

Savoey Seafood

The Savoey is open daily serving lunch and dinner from 10.30am – 12 midnight.
According to its Executive Chef, its three most popular dishes are: Tiger prawn baked with butter & garlic sauce: Crab stir-fried with spring onion, ginger & garlic; And Tom-Yam-Koong (Traditional spicy & sour soup with shrimp). would recommend you to give them a try!

Savoey Seafood
136 Taweewong Road, Patong Beach, Phuket, 83150
Tel: +66 (0) 76 341 171-4 Fax: +66 (0) 76 340 231

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