Khun Plawan - Vorasit Issara - Charn Issara Group’s – ‘young blood’

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Khun Plawan - Vorasit Issara - Charn Issara Group’s – ‘young blood’

Mr. Vorasit Issara, Charn Issara Group’s   Mr. Vorasit Issara

Sri panwa, is a spectacular and successful property on the southern eastern coast of Phuket, Thailand. Recently developed by one of Thailan d’s foremost property companies the Charn Issara Group the resort rooms are already rated in Thailand’s ‘top five’ whilst as a luxury resort ‘per se’ it rates in Thailand’s top three and has done so for the past couple of years.

The choice for our spotlight this month therefore focuses on Khun Plawan - Vorasit Issara, ‘young blood’ and Managing Director for Sri panwa.

I have been coming to Phuket since I was maybe 3 years old. I visited a lot, with my father to look at land. We have been buying land settings here in Phuket for many years including prime plots in Surin, Laem Singh, and Kamala – wherever, even if we are unsure of exactly how we wish to develop them.

Mr. Vorasit Issara, Charn Issara Group’s – ‘young blood’

“My father’s dream was to retire to Phuket, his dream was to do a spectacular project here. So we found the land we wanted in around 2001/2002 and bought it; before starting to develop it in 2003.”

“The Sri panwa project is part owned by the Charn Issara Group, and we have been developing land since my grandfather first started 33 years ago. We are a real estate listed company who specialise in commercial lands, luxury houses and condominiums. Sri panwa is our first project in Phuket and therefore we wanted to make it a ‘high end’ project as it is also a first high end hotel for the company.”

During the first couple of years it was very complicated it was hard, because the overall environment was not encouraging due to the impact of the Tsunami but you have to work with that.

To start with I was forced to train with the company in Bangkok as I was used to working in a Hotel not a Real Estate Company. So I needed to learn the system afresh. I also needed to develop a new business relationship with my father in this respect. To understand his ideas and vision. We both have ideas but fortunately due to a mutual respect our ideas do not compete. We are able to share ideas and combine them which obviously helps benefit the company and move it forward.

Phase I and Phase II of our project is now complete. We are at the moment progressing with Phase III. Four years ago we began construction of the project as a whole. It took a lot of planning, but now it is done and I am very happy with what we have achieved. Especially given that managing and sustaining a company in this business is not easy. Many projects launch and say they will do this and do that – but how not many actually manage to do what they say? This is why I am proud - we have done what we said we would do.

At the moment the property and hotel market is very hot and the Australian market is really interesting since the Australian dollar is as strong as the American dollar. People are making more money and people are well travelled. Summer in Thailand, winter in Australia. Hopefully there should be more connecting flights to Thailand. Phuket seems to be a popular choice for Australians as it is a shorter flight than that to Europe or America. So the Australian market is an area we are paying attention to this year.

The market here Post-Tsunami to the end of 2007 has been pretty good and has been getting better and better every year. Visitor numbers increased, people are travelling more, and properties are going up. People are spending more money in Phuket, people trust Phuket now and because of the Tsunami more people know about Phuket. They also know the Thai government worked well in an emergency situation and also that Phuket’s development is flourishing.

The grand opening of the full Sri panwa project is on course for 2009. It is an opening which will see the completion and fruition of 80 villas all told, as well as one Spa villa with 8 treatment rooms, 5 outlets for food and beverage, a dining lounge, a cooking school, a nightclub, a BBQ restaurant and a private function area on the hilltop!

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