Satien Yuek-ngoen : Kamala Regent Owner

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Kamala Regent Owner:

Satien Yuek-ngoen   Satien Yuek-ngoen
Kamala Regent Owner

Considered one of the most successful projects in the Kamala Beach area, Kamala Regent is offered by G -1 Land Co., Ltd. which belongs to Khun Satien Yuek-ngoen, whom we have the pleasure of interviewing today.

Khun Satien began his career as a contractor and has been involved in the construction business for over 20 years, before developing his own project in 2005. Currently, Khun Satien has developed 6 projects in the eastern region along with another 2 projects in Bangkok.

Khun Satien informs us; “After we were satisfied with our initial experience as developers we began looking for a project in the high-end market to expand into. We considered Phuket, Hua Hin and Samui; but we decided on Phuket as we felt it had the most potential.”

Khun Satien’s first project in Phuket – ‘Kamala Regent’ offers 6 unit villas (sold out) and 79 condominium units in four 6-storey buildings. On his entrance into the condominium market Khun Satien tells us.

Satien Yuek-ngoen

“Initially we became interested in condominiums because when we entered the market there was not many condominium projects in Phuket. Moreover, our project is situated at one of the best locations, yet its price is positioned at around 5 million baht.

For we believe in doing this we make the decision process easy – something which in turn encourages our clients as the price is affordable”

Regarding his thoughts on his company’s strengths, Khun Satien believes 'it's our idea' that Kamala Regent is designed under a modern concept and on a black and white colour basis. This traditionally is something of a challenge for Kamala Regents designers for if it is not done correctly there is a danger that ‘lonesomeness and gloom’ can pervade. However, if it is done correctly then it provides something different which will give it an advantage in a competitive market.

Kamala Regent has opted for the highest quality materials throughout and has also provided a larger parking space than required by law; the reason:

“Our working principle is to give the customer more than what they have paid for and -take care of them as if they are not yet our customers.”

The G-1 group comprises of several companies, whose specialisation includes the areas of design, architecture, construction, marketing, and, of course, after sales service. Subsequently with the majority of real estates necessary components under their own control they are in a strong position to ensure everything runs smoothly. By appointing CBRE to take care of Condominium management and after sale services, they have also assured customers they are in the safest hands and will also benefit from an investment with the condominium.
In 2009 the G-1 group will launch another project at Laguna, Layan Beach.

Khun Satien advises
“It's a 99 unit condominium development in two 8-storey buildings. The project’s value is about 2 billion baht. Sales will begin in January and we are targeting the high end market; primarily investors; in addition to retirees; and those seeking a second home.” Regarding his outlook on the market, Khun Satien states

“The demand for condominiums in Phuket will continue to increase. Equally, I think the Condominium Act may be adjusted to allow more ownership for foreigners in the near future. So this can only help.”

Respond to current global economic crisis, the company decided to launch 'Pay Only 1 Million Baht to Move-in' promotion campaign, 'We believe we have offered a great deal for those come with a small budget' thanks Khun Satien for his time and wishes him all the best with his developments.

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